Triceratops – AAAA

Strain: Indica dominant
THC: 24% | CBD: 1%
Parents: N/A
Aroma: Sweet | Orange
Flavour: Sweet | Fruity | Grape

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Grown by British Columbia’s Finest Craft Producers, Triceratops is an indica dominant strain with a rich history and a loyal following. This strain offers a unique combination of effects that envelop the body in relaxation and elevate the mind to new heights.

Aroma and Flavour
Triceratops delights the senses with its sweet orange aroma, while its smooth smoke carries hints of grape and fruity undertones. The flavor profile is both sweet and refreshing, creating an enjoyable experience for users.

Embracing Triceratops leads to a transformative experience, initially offering cerebral effects that enhance sensory perceptions and promote natural conversations. As the high progresses, the body succumbs to a gentle buzz, leading to deep relaxation without overwhelming couch lock. This makes it ideal for evening use when unwinding is the priority.

Medical Use
Triceratops is an effective solution for chronic pain relief, particularly for joint pain. It also serves as a remedy for insomnia, headaches, migraines, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

From Staff
Dense buds with hues of purple throughout characterize Triceratops. Its potent indica-leaning high induces relaxation while also stimulating appetite – so having snacks on hand is recommended.

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