Wedding Cake

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Not just another blushing bride, Wedding Cake will make you wish you could put a ring on it! The whole package, this indica-hybrid strain supplies relaxing effects with euphoric properties. It will heal your body and engage your mind. With 25-29% THC, this strain is as pretty as it is potent!

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Wedding Cake Strain Information

If you’re looking for an ideal strain to celebrate a special occasion, look no further than the Wedding Cake strain! This slightly indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, making it highly potent with an average of 27% THC content. You’ll be surprised by the unique blend of doughy, earthy, and sweet notes that this strain has to offer. Its dense, teardrop-shaped nugs are also covered in heavy trichomes, making it look like a sugar cookie. Not to mention, it’s a great strain for those seeking relief from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments.


The aroma of the Wedding Cake strain is a unique blend of doughy, earthy, and sweet notes. The initial scent is earthy, but soon you’ll be surprised with a sweet aroma. On its fading notes, some of its phenotypes may give out a sour twist.


The flavor of the Wedding Cake strain will boggle your mind. Despite its name, it has a blend of soil and sour flavors that will overwhelm your taste buds. However, before long, you’ll be treated with sugary and doughy notes.


Appearance-wise, the Wedding Cake strain lives up to its name with pinkish-red hues, resembling a sugar cookie. It has dense, teardrop-shaped nugs with heavy trichomes covering the sides and tops of the calyxes.


Smoking the Wedding Cake strain will cause a euph


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Wedding Cake

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