Wedding Crasher

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Wedding Crasher is aSativa-dominant Hybrid developed by the kick-ass team at Symbiotic Genetics. They did so by cross-breeding the ever-popular Wedding Cake strain with the cult-classic Purple Punch.

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Wedding Crasher Strain Information

You may know the movie, but have you ever experienced the unforgettable flavor of the Wedding Crasher strain? This Sativa-dominant Hybrid is a cross between the much-loved Wedding Cake strain and the cult-classic Purple Punch, and it’s love at first sight!


Wedding Crasher has a unique aesthetic that comes from its Wedding Cake lineage. Its dense, brightly coloured nugs light up the room with their vibrant hues, making it look like a bride’s wedding gown. But it’s not just looks that set this strain apart. Its flavour and aroma will also leave you amazed!

The bouquet of sweet vanilla, grape, and a touch of diesel, make Wedding Crasher a delight for the senses. Breaking open a nug reveals a subtle pungent hint, and smoking it is like taking a bite from an earthy vanilla cake that’s topped with candied grapes.

Wedding Crasher Effects + Benefits

The Wedding Crasher strain is a social butterfly strain that fills the mind with an energizing and uplifting wave of vibes. It’s perfect for those who need to MC an event or just need a little boost for their studies. This is because it’s better than coffee, and doesn’t have a huge crash. Plus, it tastes infinitely better!

Medicinally, Wedding Crasher can help reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and social awkwardness. So, it’s no wonder why it’s called Wedding Crasher – it will make you feel like a million bucks!

Aroma & Flavor

Wedding Crasher has an irresistible aroma of sweet vanilla, thanks to its Wedding Cake parentage. Undertones of grape come from the Purple Punch, and you may even get mild notes of berries on the exhale. It’s a delicious strain that’s sure to please those with a sweet tooth.

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Wedding Crasher

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