White Diamond OG

White Diamond OG is the end result of intensive research done by CoGro Farms. This heavy-hitting hybrid strain is a cross between AK-47, Chemdawg and White Widow! This Northern specialty is known for its high THC concentration of 23% and its’ blissful and sedating buzz. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you with pain or inflammation, seek no further! White Diamond OG is known for its relaxing, dream-like qualities and pain alleviating effects.

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White Diamond OG

White Diamond OG is an incredible strain developed by the experts at CoGro Farms. After carefully crossbreeding AK-47, Chemdawg and White Widow, the team has created a unique hybrid with an impressive 23% THC content. Ideal for those seeking relief from physical ailments, White Diamond OG produces a dream-like state of relaxation that helps to alleviate depression, anxiety and insomnia.

On the inhale, smokers can expect to experience a spicy yet smooth minty flavour, with subtle hints of berry-like sweetness. The aroma of White Diamond OG is characterized by notes of woodiness and earthiness, with fuel-like or gassy undertones. The buds themselves are covered in generous amounts of trichomes, giving them a white, crystal-like coating amidst the vibrant purple leaves.

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Inflammation and joint pain
  • Depression, anxiety and insomnia

Recommended Use: Evening or nighttime smoke

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