Wifi OG Sauce Refill Cartridge (High Voltage Extracts)

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Wifi OG Sauce Refill Cartridges by High Voltage Extracts

Experience a truly uplifting effect with High Voltage Extracts Wifi OG Sauce Refill Cartridges. Perfect for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, or pain, these powerful cartridges will provide you with a unique experience like no other.

High Voltage Extracts is a BC-based brand that is well-known for their unique extraction process in all HTFSE concentrates. Using only the highest quality cannabis, their extraction process captures all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from their premium strains, providing the best tasting smoke and effects available to connoisseurs. With their highly refined concentrates, you can expect nothing but the best quality from High Voltage Extracts.

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HighVoltage Wifi OG Vape Cartridge 100x100 - Wifi OG Sauce Refill Cartridge (High Voltage Extracts)
Wifi OG Sauce Refill Cartridge (High Voltage Extracts)

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