Best Cannabis Strains for Staying Super Productive

best cannabis strains for staying super productive 3 - Best Cannabis Strains for Staying Super Productive

There is one major misconception about marijuana that irritates consumers. There is a widespread perception among the ignorant that smoking marijuana will make you into a lazy “stoner” who lounges on the sofa watching trash and consuming junk food.

Best Cannabis Strains for Staying Super Productive

In reality, specific marijuana strains can improve your energy, creativity, and productivity. You may finish that novel or poem, give a presentation, or simply get through a hectic day with a spring in your step thanks to these strains.

There are several extremely successful, hardworking people who enjoy smoking a joint or two; this is just in the celebrity world! Not everyone believes that marijuana aids productivity, after all. Elon Musk is a well-known eccentric billionaire and the most likely candidate to actually become a real-life James Bond adversary.

During his session on The Joe Rogan Experience, he smoked marijuana while claiming that it isn’t good for his productivity. In contrast, Seth Rogen, a stoner comic, stated that cannabis was “something, honestly, that has helped me a lot.” It appears that Rogen is typecast in films as a lazier when in fact he works hard.

How Can Marijuana Improve My Productivity?

It’s gotten more difficult for employees to be creative at work in today’s world, since the emphasis is totally on productivity. What would corporations do if there were any proof that marijuana might improve their employees’ productivity? We’ve heard a lot of stories from individuals who smoked marijuana at work, and the effects were jaw-dropping.

These men and women were coming up with incredible concepts at a breakneck pace, writing at lightspeed, and working for 36 hours straight! While we don’t recommend going to such extremes, it’s worth noting the positive impact of marijuana on productivity levels.

At this point, marijuana has been scientifically connected to an increase in creativity. According to a 2012 article on Psychology Today, a 2011 study found a fascinating connection between cannabis and creativity. It claimed that cannabis induces psychotomimetic symptoms, which help us connect ideas that appear unrelated. In other words, smoking cannabis enhances your ability to “think outside the box.”

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of scientific evidence to back this connection up, but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. The major problem is that academic study is devoting far more time to attempting to show that marijuana makes you lazy rather than looking at how it may enhance creativity.

According to a widely-quoted research published by Miles et al. in 1974, when marijuana was readily available, the amount of testosterone produced by six male participants decreased. What happens is that instead of working slower, they focused on activities other than the ones assigned to them.

Their productivity was not the issue; it was their concentration that was lacking. As a result, it’s critical to understand which types of marijuana are most productive and focused.

According to a Gruber et al. research published in Frontiers in Pharmacology in October 2016, cannabis may enhance executive functioning abilities in adults. According to Gruber, patients performed at a higher level on certain cognitive tasks after three months of medical marijuana therapy.

The results were not entirely unexpected. It was discovered in prior research that anxiety inhibits executive function and attention. As a result, if marijuana can lessen anxiety, an individual’s cognitive function will almost certainly improve. Chronic pain also reduces cognitive performance, particularly when executive function is required.

One intriguing research looked at how medical marijuana laws affect people over the age of 51+. It was written by Nicholas and Maclean and published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management in February 2019. The goal was to examine how the legalization of marijuana affected labor and employment environments, especially among older adults.

In all, a poll was conducted with 100,000 participants aged 51 or older who were also qualified for medical marijuana programs. The subjects reported a 4.9% drop in pain and an 8.9% rise in ‘excellent health’ incidents. More significantly, the study found that legal medical cannabis improves productivity in full-time employment.

According to the scientists, the benefits of hemp milk outweighed any drawbacks. In general, the research produced three key conclusions:

  1. The use of medical cannabis has been linked to improved self-assessed health and less pain in elderly individuals.
  2. Older adult labor supply rose as a result of marijuana laws.
  3. The consequences of these regulations are most apparent in people over the age of 65 who meet the requirements for legal marijuana usage under existing state laws.

This is good news for the older generation. It appears that a large number of individuals will have to continue working well past traditional retirement age. Financial strain is at an all-time high, and according to the AARP, 11% of Americans believe they will have to work into their eighties. If we are compelled to work until this age, having something that maintains productivity and motivation would be critical. Perhaps medical marijuana may be a surprise answer?

The biggest issue we have in researching cannabis and productivity is the persistence of negative preconceptions. Because marijuana is associated with being lazy, academic research has focused on that “fact,” rather than determining whether it can increase productivity.

According to a recent Gallup poll, as many as one-fifth of Americans would like to try marijuana. The misconception that cannabis users are lazy and unmotivated might be reduced by consulting with BD Analytics. In 2017, the company conducted a study on marijuana users in California and Colorado. Cannabis consumers in California had an average income of almost $94,000 per year, whereas those who refused it had an average income of just under $76,000. Surprisingly, 64% of cannabis users said they liked their job, compared to 54% of non-users.

Choosing the Best Marijuana For Productivity

Best Cannabis Strains for Staying Super Productive

For a long time, we’ve been concerned about whether a strain is indica– or sativa-dominated. The opinion is that indicas promote relaxation, whereas sativas are better for attention and energy. We haven’t delved too deeply into the effects of terpenes yet. There are currently over 200 terpenes in cannabis, with unknown effects on the experience itself as well as the quality of the product.

We are aware that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but did you know that terpenes can do so as well? It is now accepted that terpenes have an impact on how cannabinoids affect the body. Terpenes not only aid in the rapid passage of cannabinoids across the blood-brain barrier, but they also modify the length and strength of a cannabis high.

When it comes to selecting a cannabis strain for productivity, consider its terpene content. Myrcene is a common terpene that has a sedative effect. Indica strains are more likely to have a high percentage of myrcenes since they are typically relaxing in nature. Sativa marijuana strains, on the other hand, generally contain large quantities of terpenes like pinene and limonene. Here are five excellent strains for work.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Being Super Productive

1 – Haze (The #1 Marijuana Strain for Productivity)

Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing South Indian, Thai, Mexican, and South American Sativas. It was most likely developed in Santa Cruz, California, in the 1960s. Because it contains four landraces, it delivers a similar level of body buzz that keeps users active for hours. Its THC concentration of up to 23% makes it strong medication indeed.

The cerebral buzz you experience is like a train, and users report feeling a surge of energy almost immediately. Haze is also recognized to be a powerful stress-relieving strain that makes you feel uplifted and inspired, even on test days. This strain is supposed to give people a feeling of euphoria, and you may find it difficult to sit still because of your eagerness to get started.

Haze is a highly regarded Wake and Bake strain in the medical marijuana community, which means it’s used in the morning. It’s popular among people who want to feel uplifted and energized rather than sedated and weary. Haze may provide you with a more optimistic viewpoint if you have chronic stress, as well as munchies.

2 – Pucker (The Anti-Exhaustion Marijuana Strain)

Pucker is a rare indica-dominant strain that has yet to reach the masses, although it has grown in popularity in Colorado. It’s a cross of TK91 and Lemon G with 21% to 23% THC. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with high amounts of caryophyllene and limonene terpenes. Pucker isn’t necessarily the best strain for focusing, but it does an excellent job at keeping tiredness at bay.

Pucker is a powerful strain that leaves you feeling empowered and enthusiastic. Once you’ve ingested this plant, you’ll be filled with energy and motivation in no time. Pucker has little effect on attention, so it’s best to use it for menial tasks rather than anything that needs serious focus. Users claim that this strain makes them want to get things done faster, but in a good way.

The main disadvantage of this strain is its scarcity. Only a few dispensaries offer Pucker at the moment, which is a major bummer. If you can obtain it, you’ll find it beneficial if you’re looking to relieve anxiety, tiredness, headaches, or minor aches and pains. Because Puckers are quite strong, novices should avoid them.

3 – Mango Kush (The Tasty Marijuana Strain)

Mango Kush is a popular strain among marijuana consumers because it has indica in its family, yet it’s an indica-dominant variety. You may be shocked to learn that it’s on the list, but Mango Kush is recognized for providing a surge of energy immediately after ingestion. Its origins are unknown, although it is believed to be a cross between Hindu Kush and a Mango Indica. THC levels vary from 11% to 20 percent in Mango Kush, although it does provide a pleasurable feeling.

It’s possible that Mango Kush would be a better choice in the late afternoon, when your energy levels are low. It has a euphoric beginning, and you should feel energized right away. The indica side of the strain hits you later on and makes you drowsy. If you want to use this strain, it’s critical to pay attention to the timing! You’ll become sluggish if you use it too early in the day!

Mango Kush is renowned for its restorative properties, and it’s used to cure a variety of ailments, as well as stress and anxiety. It’s best to ingest Mango Kush in the mid-to-late afternoon because it will help you power through the next few hours. The high then helps to relax you once your day’s work is completed.

4 – Strawberry Cough (The Ultra Potent Marijuana Strain)

The fragrant scent and taste of this sativa-dominant strain may be perplexing. Even though its average THC levels, set at 18 percent, don’t suggest a strong variety, some breeders have developed cuts with more than 30%! Its lineage is unclear, although it appears to be derived from the Haze strain.

If you try this strain, be forewarned! You’ll get the flavor of strawberries, but you’ll also cough violently. This is due to the initial tingly sensation in your throat after using it. Once this feeling fades, a sluggish release of energy takes its place. The sativa effects then become apparent and cause you to become more energized.

You will notice a delay in the effects, so don’t overdo it. Strawberry Cough is commonly utilized by people who are stressed to help them focus on their tasks ahead. It’s used to treat ADHD, ADD, and other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

5 – Super Sour Diesel (The Household Name Marijuana Strain)

Super Silver Haze is a cross of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze that became famous after winning the Cannabis Cup. It has a THC concentration of up to 24 percent, making it almost entirely sativa. As a result, the intense high might be too much for beginners. Even experienced users can attest that just a little Super Silver Haze goes a long way.

This sativa’s reputation is that it may improve your mood, even if you are feeling flat. Its affects come on quickly and give you a sensation of energy and enthusiasm. You may use it to get through a dreary day or wait until the evening to have fun with friends while under its influence.

Users report feelings of euphoria and in most situations, you will be on your feet looking for something to do with the energy you now have. Super Sour Diesel can help with muscular spasms, persistent pain, and headaches, and it may also be used to treat PTSD, ADD, and ADHD. It is a very popular recreational strain due to its power as well as the ‘feel good’ factor.

Final Thoughts About Marijuana and Productivity

Ignore the idea that marijuana is harmful to productivity and motivation. The fact is that if you pick the correct strain for the right occasion, you will be astonished by how energizing it is. Not only that, but you’ll have a clear head that can carefully evaluate your tasks and arrange them in order of importance. The appropriate marijuana strain not only increases productivity, but also helps with creativity and motivation.

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