Black Mamba Marijuana Strain Review

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The Black Mamba strain is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid with a dark purple hue and a dreamy, hazy high. It has an onset of action that is quick and can even cause hallucinogenic experiences. As a result, be careful not to overindulge in Black Mamba since it is quite potent. Marijuana is well-known for having a wide range of effects, one of which being the fact that it has so many varieties.

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With so many suppliers and patients striving for the same goal, we’re entering an era of gen-tailorization in which marijuana is tailored to each user’s specific demands. This is mostly due to efforts by growers all over the world to create their ideal strain with the exact effects they want. Some users are searching for a relaxing, soothing high with little THC, while others are seeking for a powerful combination of distinct tastes and cannabinoid levels.

Black Mamba Marijuana Strain Review

Black Mamba, on the other hand, is a strain that falls into the latter category of effects, best used for stress relief and soothing oneself. Black Mamba has a name that sounds more like a heavy metal band than a cannabis variety because it is both extremely relaxing and highly potent.

Let’s take a look at Black Mamba, whether it’s the right strain for you.

What is the Black Mamba Cannabis Strain?

Black Mamba is a hybrid strain that’s made up of 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa. Because it combines indica with sativa, it falls into the class of a hybrid. It has various effects depending on how much is consumed and by whom. If you want to get in the right frame of mind for a productive day packed with deep thoughts, take a smaller dose, but be careful with it.

Black Mamba is a potent, long-lasting psychedelic. It’s named for the deadly African snake that appeared in George Orwell’s Burmese Days and was famously known for its dark purple coloring and matching flavor, as well as its long-lasting effects. Fortunately, instead of being absolutely enormous and dripping with deadly poison, the only thing they have in common besides their name is their strength. The Black Mamba, like many other popular strains, is the result of crossing two strains with distinct effects – in this case, Granddaddy Purple and Black Domina – to develop a one-of-a-kind strain intended to totally knockout you.

The first rush from Black Mamba is surprisingly short-lived, and it frequently produces an immediate sensation along the crown line. Expect a little throbbing in your head as well as a general discomfort that comes and goes.

Your head may feel somewhat light, and your perception will be heightened after the effects begin to wear off. However, in a matter of seconds, you’ll notice that you’re feeling much lighter and more aware than usual.

You’ll be feeling both energetic and quick-thinking when you’re high on a strong sativa, which is typical of powerful sativas. You’ll recall how talkative you were while high; not only that, but you will also feel extremely social and charming.

However, when used alone, Black Mamba has a strong inclination to get up and go about as much as possible. All of your social energy will be focused on ensuring that you complete one of your many pending obligations, such as cleaning or getting shopping, since there’s no one around to talk to.

When used in high doses, Black Mamba can produce hallucinogenic effects, which are amusing and pleasant if you are an experienced user. However, if you aren’t used to the abrupt sensation of the walls shifting around you and the paint on the ceiling forming a face, you may feel uneasy. If you’re not accustomed to marijuana or have only ever tried mild strains before, don’t overdo it.

The Black Mamba’s power is at its most potent during the day, when you have an infinite number of things to do – because to its surprising yet soothing energy, you should be able to complete them all.

However, beyond its remarkable abilities, Black Mamba’s most distinguishing features are its fragrance and appearance, which is why what kind of unique flavor profile and appearance does it have to make it so appealing?

Black Mamba Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


On first sniffing, Black Mamba has a unique scent that mixes sour-sweet grape with a rich, woody pine to create an earthen aroma that is strangely reminiscent of fresh summer air in a wide open park. The distinct, earthy fragrance grows stronger with each whiff, stimulating your sinuses with a sweet fruitiness.

When the bud is cracked, an herbal fragrance emerges that increases in intensity after grinding, transporting you to a calm herb garden in the countryside. When burnt, Black Mamba has a distinct scent that some users compared to a luxurious flowery soap.


The distinctive woody aroma that fills the air as you approach Black Mamba follows on from its sweet, delicious taste.

The flavor is initially quite similar to the aroma, though it is somewhat sweeter than you would expect based on its scent. The terpenes in the plant’s oils give it a robust and fruity grape juice taste. As time goes on, an earthy, woody flavor replaces the initial burst of sweetness, leaving you with a sensation of calm.

The astringent smoke of Black Mama disappears as you breathe out, leaving a lingering taste of grape and berry. When smoking large amounts, on the other hand, the smoke may become thick and irritable, making it difficult to see anything in front of you.


Black Mamba Marijuana Strain Review

The psychedelic purple blooms and deep green leaves of the ‘Black Mamba’ distinguish it from other strains. The purple hues combine with the plant’s arrow-shaped leaves to create an elegant effect. The colorful buds are medium in size, with white trichrome spots that may make them thick and difficult to crush without a grinder, as well as being somewhat tough to crumble without a grinder.

Black Mamba is distinguished by its distinctive deep purple patches, making it easier to spot than other strains. When combined with the extremely fragrant scent, you’ll have a hard time keeping your Black Mamba hidden from your friends eager to try it.

The Black Mamba strain is also one that you may cultivate at home with just a little time and some simple instructions to guarantee that your plant reaches its full potential.

Black Mamba Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Black Mamba is a strain that thrives in both indoor and outdoor conditions, but in order to reach its full potential outside, it needs a semi-dry climate with an average temperature of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it flourishes when cultivated outdoors rather than indoors, but you can still produce it indoors if you maintain the temperature high enough.

This is not a plant that can be grown and harvested in a hurry since it takes longer than average to flower. It’s a strain that needs time, with 13-14 weeks of growth required before flowers may be picked, but the end result makes it worthwhile, as yields are generally greater than those from other domestic strains, with reports of up to 16 ounces per plant being frequently obtained.

Spring is the optimal time to start growing plants outside, since harvesting generally happens in late September to early October.

Make sure your plants have plenty of room to develop because Black Mamba can grow up to 6 feet tall. Of course, when growing indoors, you may expect a shorter, more manageable plant that you may adjust to grow in the proper direction and size.

If cultivated outside, it’s a good idea to top it once in a while to prevent it from putting all of its efforts into growing vertically since this is primarily how bud development occurs. It’s finally time to harvest your plant after months of care, but how much Cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

The Black Mamba, like the deadly snake from which it derives its name, is powerful and should be treated with caution by less frequent users as well as those that don’t want to spend the rest of their day drowsy. Due to its higher than average THC concentration for an indica, the drowsy, relaxing effects linked with Black Mamba are no surprise.

The THC concentration of Black Mamba varies considerably, with claims ranging from 13% to 25%, but the average is expected to be around 19% THC. Given that indicas have an average THC content of 13%, this is a potent strain even at its lowest.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Because it has such a high THC concentration, it’s no surprise that Black Mamba has such a low CBD content, as it is exceedingly unusual to find one with a high percentage of both.

The CBD content of Black Mamba can be as low as 1%, with its highest being 4%. This is not to say, however, that this isn’t a strain with useful medical purposes since it’s frequently used to treat a variety of ailments.

Medical Benefits of Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Depression and anxiety are common symptoms among users of Black Mamba. This can help people suffering from these issues to achieve a state of mindfulness and relaxation, as it is typical with high THC strains.

The stimulating, clear-headed focus effects of Black Mamba have been proven to assist individuals with ADHD in focusing on tasks and engaging more easily with those around them for longer periods of time. It’s ideal for days when you need to be productive, since Black Mamba can help you tackle things and projects that require a greater degree of concentration than you could manage alone.

It may also be used to help alleviate and manage pain, particularly when suffering from migraines or pain around and within the eyes, which is thought to be caused by glaucoma.

Black Mamba is no different; if there are medical advantages, there will also be negative consequences that go with them, and Black Mamba is no exception.

Possible Side Effects of Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

Black Mamba has a unique side effect profile, owing to its popularity as a treatment for anxiety; however, when taken in large dosages, particularly by inexperienced users, it has been associated with anxiousness and rare cases of paranoia. As a result, it’s preferable to take it in small doses to begin with and ideally while not alone – at least until you know how much is required for your body and what quantity will produce the desired effect.

In a very small number of people, taking Black Mamba has resulted in dizziness, another indication to take it easy until your body becomes acclimated.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most frequent of the other side effects for individuals who smoke a lotus flower. Thankfully, these only last a short period of time and aren’t really significant issues.

Final Thoughts

The Black Mamba strain is an excellent example of the marijuana breeding business. The creators of Black Mamba took two well-known strains and blended their DNA to produce a hybrid that is both restful yet energy boosting.

This strange mongrelism of effects is not at all misplaced; it simply makes you active yet cheerful to undertake any task that is presented to you.

Although its THC concentration is high, making it hazardous for beginning consumers, Black Mamba is a great strain to use throughout the day or even in a social situation.

Black Mamba is a tonic that contains the herb Datura metel, which has hallucinogenic properties. Look forward to a soothing yet strangely driven experience with Black Mamba as long as you are fine with the occasional danger of having psychedelic effects.

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