Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain 2 - Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

The Blue Cheese strain, despite its name, is a delectable and sweet strain with an intriguing cheesy aftertaste. This strain can help provide a sense of deep relaxation, euphoria, and even mild sedation as time passes for those in need of a few minutes’ rest.

Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

It’s now well known throughout the cannabis community that the Cheese family of marijuana strains is strangely reminiscent of real cheese. So you might be forgiven for assuming that Blue Cheese is yet another flavor-tasting strain similar to others. You would, however, be incorrect.

Blue Cheese Edition, on the other hand, has a fruity and sweet spin on the traditional cheesiness of this genetic strain.

Cheese strains have proliferated in many states throughout the country, including California, Maine, and Colorado.

What Is the Blue Cheese Strain?

Blue Cheese is a hybrid strain with an indica-dominant genetic makeup, with around 80% indica and 20% sativa.

The Blue Cheese strain is a hybrid of parent strains UK Cheese (hybrid) and Blueberry (indica). As a result, the plant has a robust flavor with high THC content and that characteristic cheesy fragrance.

Blue Cheese marijuana’s high is not as debilitating as, say, White Widow. Rather, it almost washes over the body, providing relief with a wide range of therapeutic applications. The reduction in stress levels will appear to be natural as you relax more and more.

The Blue Cheese strain is a heady combination of pleasure, euphoria, and absolute bliss that works well as a nighttime sleep aid.

The Blue Cheese high is characterized by euphoria and pure delight, making it an excellent night-time strain for people looking to unwind after a hectic day.

The middle of the high is likely to make you feel sedative-like, drowsy, and inclined to lay your head down for a restful night’s sleep.


Blue Cheese cannabis has an unusual aroma that is strangely reminiscent of actual cheese, which is perhaps due to the name.


Blue Cheese’s fragrance is more pungent than its taste, which is on the sweeter side. The sourness fleeing during combustion is most of it. Inhalation is generally sweet and pleasant, with exhalation becoming musky, earthy, and occasionally spicy (but always pungent).

Blue Cheese, on the other hand, offers a pleasant twist with undertones of blueberry fruitiness that become more apparent as they are inhaled.

The initial flavor is pale and mild, with a somewhat cheesy taste. It has notes of blueberry and earth to help cool you down if the cheesiness becomes too much. The aftertaste is a little sour, similar to Parmesan or Gouda.


The Blue Cheese strain has a faint blueish-purple hue, with sugar leaves displaying angelic-like pastel violets.

Overall, the buds are covered in a glossy and sugary coating that makes any smoker’s mouth water with anticipation.

Blue Cheese weed flowers are typically pale yellow or green, with sandy orange pistils (fine hairs) that are tightly coiled.

The hues of the water leaves can range from dark green to deep purple, which means that the variety of colors is particularly apparent. Overall, this is a strain that’s as visually appealing as it is delectable.

Blue Cheese Marijuana Grow Info

Blue Cheese cannabis is a simple strain to cultivate, which means that all of the novice marijuana producers out there may take a huge breath of air.

Blue Cheese is a mold-resistant strain that was developed in the United Kingdom and has since been popular throughout Europe.

Blue Cheese is a standard sort of marijuana. It has thin, small leaves that grow in clusters and are generally short in height, with distant stems that stretch out and spread all around. The short flowering period (8-9 weeks) of the Blue Cheese strain, as well as its outdoor harvesting time (October), make it ideal for northern growers.

Indoor crops thrive in water and soil, so there is some flexibility for those who grow them. Indoor yields are typically about 18 ounces per square meter, while outdoor yields are generally around 19 ounces per plant.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

  • THC levels of up to 20% have been detected in the Blue Cheese strain. However, on average, the THC content of Blue Cheese is about 17.5%.
  • The CBD content of Blue Cheese varies. Some claim that it does not include any CBD, while others claim that there is as much as 2% in it.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Blue Cheese is a common strain for treating chronic stress, hunger problems, muscular aches and pains, and sleeplessness.

The relaxing properties of Blue Cheese act gradually over time, making it a good choice for anybody looking to unwind and fall asleep.

The Blue Cheese strain’s uplifting and relaxing qualities might provide short-term comfort to persons suffering from mood disorders including sadness and worry.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Cheese Strain

Beginners should be aware that the Blue Cheese strain has a fairly high THC content, with levels as high as 20%. Overconsumption may result in cannabis-induced anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia.

Blue Cheese’s most frequent adverse effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes, which are both manageable with a little planning. Sip lots of hydrating fluids three days before, during, and after your high to keep your skin hydrated.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Cheese Strain

The legendary Durban Poison has been cultivated for at least a decade in the United Arab Emirates, where it has become well-known throughout the world. This lovely indica-dominant strain has left a lasting impression on the cannabis community, travelling almost halfway across the planet to California, where it is adored by both patients and “cannasseurs.”

Blue Cheese’s taste and smell are comparable to that of cheese, but its Blueberry heritage is evident in its sweet, fruit-flavored flavor. Seasoned cannabis users will likely appreciate this strain’s effects; nevertheless, newcomers should be aware that Blue Cheese has a relatively high THC concentration (20%).

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