Dr. Who Cannabis Strain Review

Dr Who Cannabis - Dr. Who Cannabis Strain Review

This is a fantastic strain for those looking for an energetic cerebral high. Because of its high THC concentration, Dr. Who is not a strain for newcomers. Users frequently express that they feel happier and better after smoking it.

Dr. Who Cannabis Strain Review

Many cannabis breeders seem to enjoy science fiction. This has had a significant influence on the naming of marijuana strains. The Deathstar, Skywalker, and Romulan are among the more notable strains with names inspired by science fiction.

The Dr. Who strain is strong enough to transport you to an era long ago. Let’s have a look at what else we discovered in this study.

What Is the Dr. Who Strain?

The Dr. Who marijuana strain was developed by a Colorado cannabis grower named Homegrown Natural Wonder. It’s a cross of Trainwreck and Mad Scientist. This is an extremely powerful indica-dominant strain that doesn’t quit until everything’s said and done. Cannabis users with less experience should avoid this variety.

Individuals with a high tolerance can try Dr. Who in moderate doses throughout the day. However, it’s typically best to consume it at night. The intoxicating high originates in the head and works its way up your body.

Colors, tastes, and sounds are said to appear more bright to certain people. Users have also claimed that Dr. Who marijuana makes them feel as though time is slowing down.

When the high travels through your body, you can go on with your everyday chores. Alternatively, if you’re high on Dr. Who marijuana and going for a stroll down the street, notice whether anything is different. Users become drowsy after feeling intellectually stimulated and happier when using a substantial dose of marijuana.

The THC content of Dr. Who marijuana is significantly higher than that of hemp or cannabis plants bred for indoor use. It’s also worth noting that Dr. Who marijuana has a particularly high level of THC, which can make it very powerful in some cases. This is one significant thing to consider about Dr. Who marijuana: Smaller doses may provide an initial burst of energy, but if you consume a larger quantity, your eyes quickly become drowsy and your body urges you to take a rest.


The scent of Dr. Who marijuana is earthy and fruity. Dankness is the most prominent aroma, although sour lemon may also be detected.


Grapefruit and citrus sensations may cause the tongue to tingle. Be wary of the strong taste when you light Dr. Who marijuana and take a few puffs. It might induce coughing on rare occasions. As you exhale, you might get pleasant and tangy tastes that linger. There’s also a grape flavor available in specific phenotypes.


Dr. Who strains tend to be purple. The high amount of anthocyanin generally causes vivid purple hues. The deep hue distinguishes Dr. Who buds against the earthy green leaves and trichomes that cover them. When properly dried, Dr White’s buds are extremely sticky.

Dr. Who Strain Grow Info

Dr. Who seeds may be ordered over the internet with ease. It’s a strain that thrives in both inside and outside environments. Because to its strong resistance to illnesses and most types of mold, it is easy to cultivate. Dr. Who only requires a moderate amount of nutrients as a result.

If you want to grow it outdoors, make sure you live in a warm environment. Dr. Who prefers temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Outside, it produces around 15 ounces each plant. This strain is typically ready for harvesting by the end of September, if left on its own.[

The yield in Dr. Who farms is approximately 11 ounces per square meter planted. It takes 8-9 weeks for it to blossom.

Dr. Who, like other indica-dominant plants, is short and bushy in appearance. It also has wide limbs. When it reaches maturity, the buds are large and heavy. You may need to purchase dowels, stakes, or other forms of support. Otherwise, the buds could cause the branches to droop as a result of their weight.

Dr. Who marijuana naturally has a beautiful purple tint. However, you may accentuate it by lowering the nighttime temperature by 10-15 degrees. Please wait until later in the vegetative stage before continuing. Also, keep an eye on the plants to spot any indications of ‘shock.’ It’s possible that lowering the thermostat too quickly might harm your crop’s development.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

  • The Dr. Who strain is famous for its THC content, which ranges from about 23% to 30%. However, we have heard of versions with up to 30% THC!
  • There is just a small amount of CBD in this particular variety. In general, you won’t find anything more than 0.1 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Dr. Who Strain

Dr. Who Cannabis Strain Review

Dr. Who cannabis is well-liked among those who suffer from chronic pain due to its powerful nature. Dr. Who is frequently chosen by patients with back discomfort, migraines, and muscular spasms who use MMJ.

It’s also a strain that has been shown to boost mood. As such, people who suffer from depression may find it beneficial. You might feel extremely calm and at ease with the world after a few puffs of Dr. Who. As a result, you should consider utilizing it if you have constant stress. It can also assist individuals in sleeping better in certain situations.

Possible Side Effects of the Dr. Who Strain

The problems with Dr. Who, like most powerful cannabis strains, include dry, red, and stinging eyes. The typical symptom list includes dry, red, and itching eyes. Some people say that they are feeling faint. To alleviate this problem, drink water before your session.

Dr. Who may be harmful to your lungs since it is a harsh smoke. If you use too much, you might get dizziness and headaches as a result of the side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Dr. Who Strain

Overall, Dr. Who is a popular recreational and medical marijuana strain. It’s strong, so use it with care. When you employ a little amount, it may improve your mood, energy levels, and creativity while still allowing you to function productively. You are more likely to feel drowsy if you take too much. If you overdo it, though, you’re likely to get headaches and nausea.

It’s a simple plant to grow. If you want your Dr. Who plants to acquire the purple hue, keep them cool at night. You risk causing your plants to experience shock if you expose them to too much cold.

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