Bubblicious Cannabis Strain Review

Bubblicious 3 - Bubblicious Cannabis Strain Review

Bubblicious is a versatile strain that’s excellent for mental clarity and unwinding. Take this marijuana to help you relax with some creativity on the side after a long, stressful day.

The flavor of Bubblicious is reminiscent to that of a popular bubble gum brand, which should help you determine what to anticipate.

That being said, it certainly has a lot more to offer than basic morishness and infinite sweetness. This relative of Bubble Gum is a fantastic strain in addition to its forerunners, deserving of their attention and respect.

Let’s look at this lovely and intriguing cannabis strain to see if it’s worth seeking out at your local shop.

What Is the Bubblicious Strain?

Bubblicious Cannabis Strain Review

The Bubblicious strain is produced by Nirvana Seeds, a renowned growing facility that is all about delivering maximum potency.

Bubblicious is a hybrid strain made up of the original Bubblegum and the fruity phenotype of the Lavender strain. They combine to produce a burst of bright, delicious aromas and effects when combined.

Bubblicious is a mixture that leans toward indica in terms of its genetics. It surprises me that it has such a quick onset, given where it came from. It’ll go to your head first and then come down to your arms and legs. You may find yourself having difficulties speaking clearly or performing big movements.

Bubblicious isn’t like most other indicas in that it doesn’t make you drowsy – not at first. Instead, it just slows you down a bit.

The sativa strain begins to show itself as you become more aware of your own thoughts racing. It makes Bubblicious an excellent choice for boosting creative energy and tackling problems.

This strain may be used to assist with almost any issue you may have. It has a lot of power, which means you will notice its effects even if you are a seasoned cannabis user. However, it isn’t so powerful that it will leave you feeling overwhelmed, as long as you take things easy and watch your intake.

Bubblicious allows you to feel rooted in your reality while yet yearning to alter the world around you and make improvements whenever possible. It’s great for relaxing at night or simply for encouraging creativity throughout the day.


The Bubblicious strain has a wonderful, sweet scent with a little bit of fruitiness to it. It’s difficult to tell what the fruit is in this flavor, but it has a similar fragrance as strawberries. Bubblegum and other sweet foods have a common aroma as well.

If you begin to break apart some of the buds, they will probably be similar to cotton candy. There’s also a little bit of depth to it, which is surprisingly nice when combined with its overwhelming sweetness.


The Bubblicious strain has a strong skunk aroma, which is somewhat surprising given its apparent sweetness. There’s still a hint of sweetness on the tongue, but dankness and skunky notes overpower it.

Bubblicious has a flavor that is unlike any other strain I’ve ever tasted, but it isn’t very often that you get a strain with such a distinct flavor to its scent.


The buds of this strain are quite compact, with a pointed, almost circular form. There is a good deal of fluffiness to the buds that indicates real potency. The nuggets are generally green but have a hint of yellow on them, suggesting their pistils.

While growing, there may also be a little bit of purple that emerges if the buds are exposed to unusually low temperatures.

It necessitates a certain amount of understanding, which many individuals have difficulties with, especially if you’re cultivating it at home.

Bubblicious Strain Grow Info

Bubblicious Cannabis Strain Review

Bubblicious seeds are offered for purchase over the internet, either from third-party vendors or Nirvana Seeds itself. A cutting from a local grower is also an option; this strain is popular with both amateur and commercial growers.

The greatest advantages of Bubblicious when cultivated at home are its power and toughness; it’s difficult to grow it poorly. You may quickly cultivate it indoors or outside, as long as you maintain it warm.

It spreads out and gets shorter as it matures, with extremely dense branches on the sides. When it comes to harvest time, it produces an absurd amount of bud due to its excessive growth rate. Make sure to practice frequent topping for a stronger development rate. As the plant grows taller, cut off the very tip of the growth each week or so. This will encourage the plant to split and create more lateral development.

If you practice a lot of topping, you might need to trellis Bubblicious if it’s too bushy. The extra support will keep the plant from keeling over on its own weight since it will prevent the plant from keeling over. After all, you don’t want to lose your prized Bubblicious plant after investing so much time and effort into growing it.

Finally, to get a spectacular purple hue, keep your Bubblicious in chilly conditions. Keep it below freezing for at least two weeks before the flower buds appear. This will give it that color and add an intriguing flavor profile as well.

When it’s ready, harvest and dry your Bubblicious as quickly as possible or risk losing the beautiful purple hue.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

Bubblicious cannabis is recognized for its powerful effects and high THC content. However, depending on the phenotype tested, various amounts of THC are discovered in this strain.

The THC concentration of Bubblicious samples varies between the low teens and the upper 20s, although the most exact answer to how much THC Bubblicious has is 23%. If you use too much of this strain, you’ll likely find it overwhelming.

This strain, like all hemp strains, contains zero CBD. This is due to the strain’s near-infinite breeding and meticulous handling over numerous generations.

When you perform so much meticulous breeding and selection of genes, there must be room for the THC and other cannabinoids. This is due to the fact that CBD has the lowest rate of degradation.

Of course, there are still several medical advantages of this strain; all you have to do is know what to anticipate.

Medical Benefits of the Bubblicious Strain

The Bubblicious strain’s strong mental energy is ideal for medical applications, according to one of its first effects.

You can conquer anxiety or sadness by being able to lose your mind in well-planned, rapid thinking that outruns you. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the world around you a lot more. This allows you to handle stress and makes everything seem a great deal less chaotic and difficult to handle.

It’s also useful for individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other attention disorders, since it aids in the sharpening of your concentration.

This strain is also a godsend if you have any sort of chronic or severe pain. Because to its high THC content, it will be possible to eliminate all signs of inflammation and discomfort.

The best impact of this strain for medical purposes is its relaxation. It’s tough to find oneself in a position where you need to relax when you’re using this strain. You’ll be able to use Bubblicious to relax yourself and make things better, no matter what’s going on in your life.

Finally, if you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, Bubblicious might be the answer. While it won’t put you to sleep right away, Bubblicious is effective in providing just enough relaxation to allow you to fall asleep quickly.

It isn’t always about fainting from exhaustion, but it is sometimes all about just relaxing and falling asleep without any concerns.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubblicious Strain

Many cannabis strains have a few negative effects, regardless of their strength. Fortunately, despite a few minor annoyances, Bubblicious does not have a long list of side effects.

You will first experience dry mouth and eyes, but this is not a cause for concern. To assist fight it off, keep a little extra water on hand.

The major issue is that Bubblicious may drive you insane with its fast pace. This propensity to let your thoughts race can make you uneasy and nervous.

This is more likely to occur if you suffer from hyperactivity. If you want to avoid difficulty sleeping, don’t smoke Bubblicious too close to bedtime. The extra mental activity may be amusing, but it can also be disruptive if you’re just wanting to sleep.

Final Thoughts on the Bubblicious Strain

These days, Bubblicious is becoming more popular, allowing you to acquire some genuinely exceptional marijuana.

This is a strain that should unquestionably be added to your personal stash, as it’s useful for just about everything – from getting through a particularly tough day to chilling out with friends or even propelling you to finish off a creative project.

Bubblicious can assist you in finding whatever it is that you’re searching for in a cannabis strain. You will undoubtedly get your money’s worth from Bubblicious, which is jam-packed with delicious, rich, and mucky tastes as well as a slew of effects that appear to go on for hours.

Make sure that it is well hidden — its unique scent may cause others to want to steal some for themselves.

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