Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

Detox from Weed Quickly 2 - Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

In the United States, the drug testing landscape is shifting. In some jurisdictions, it is or will soon be illegal for a firm to refuse to hire or fire an employee because they tested positive for marijuana on a drug screening.

You could be fired or not get hired if you use marijuana while on vacation, whether you live in a liberal state like California or a conservative one like Texas. Urinalysis is the most frequent type of drug screening. Saliva tests, which entail taking a sample from your mouth and testing it for THC metabolites, are still used by some employers.

Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

The saliva test is better from the perspective of a marijuana user since it may be passed even if you smoked marijuana recently. There’s a chance that THC metabolites will remain in your system for as long as a week with a urine test, and if you’re a frequent user, potentially longer.

Due to the fact that marijuana remains illegal under federal law, many people are subject to invasive testing. As a result, so-called ‘detox drinks’ continue to be popular. The objective of consuming these beverages with a lot of water is to “fool” the test. If you’re called in for a drug screening and use cannabis on a regular basis, it’s unlikely you’ll pass a urine test. As a result, you may need to take quite drastic measures as an end result.

Otherwise, if you want to detox naturally without having a set deadline, there are several options.

Why Would I Want to Detox?

In order to protect yourself from being discovered by a future drug test, you may believe that marijuana isn’t having the same impact as it used to. In this situation, you can take a T-break, also known as a tolerance break.

Regular cannabis users may develop a tolerance to the substance, which means they require more marijuana to achieve the same results. If you’re using cannabis for medical purposes, tolerance is a big issue. You can reverse the effects of tolerance by avoiding weed for a while with a T-break.

When you detox, you stop using a substance in order for your body to be cleansed of all traces. The aim with weed is to wash away all traces of THC from your system. Although eliminating tolerance helps you pass a drug test, it can cause side effects such as sleeplessness, decreased hunger, worry, headaches, irritability, and even sadness.

Avoiding marijuana usage is the most “natural” approach to get THC out of your system. However, it might take days, if not weeks, for the psychotropic chemical to leave your body entirely. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen additional organic detox treatments in this article that may help you speed up the process.

How to Detox from Weed Naturally

If you’re looking for an easy way to detox from marijuana naturally, there are a few alternatives. It’s worth noting that all types of natural detox therapies aren’t completely successful. The process takes time, and the effectiveness of the therapy will varied depending on how much THC is in your system.

The alternative is to undergo a natural weed detox. The procedure described below can be used to cleanse oneself naturally and safely. These are frequently much more successful than potentially harmful detox drinks, and they may be equally effective when done correctly.

1 – Hot and Cold Showers

Water is unquestionably the most potent detox weapon available to you, which is why it will appear on this list more than once. Alternate hot and cold showers are unpleasant (sometimes severely so) at first, but after a while, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to embrace the concept.

Begin with a 60-second burst of hot water and a 30-second period of chilly water when you get in the shower. If cold cycles become an issue for you, causing hyperventilation, start with lukewarm water and work your way up to colder temperatures as needed.

Shower three to five times each day, depending on the program. You’ll eventually come to like the cold cycles since they’re invigorating and stimulating, particularly in the morning. Make careful to end with a cold shower but do it in a warm bathroom so your body can retain heat. Showers that alternate between hot and cold provide circulatory stimulation, metabolism improvement, and lymphatic circulation.

Surprisingly, hot showers might help alleviate the symptoms of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, a condition marked by nausea and vomiting.

The researchers found that people who used marijuana at least 20 times a month were less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This research was conducted by Habboushe et al., who published their findings in the Basic Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology journal in June 2018.

One-third of the participants experienced cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, or some symptoms associated with it. These people reported feeling a variety of problems that were mysteriously relieved after taking a hot shower. One explanation is that hot water produces a sensory signal that distracts the body from painful signals.

2 – Dry Skin Brushing

Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

The majority of people have never considered brushing their dry skin, but it is a health and beauty advice given by professionals. It tints the skin, opens pores to let pollutants out, removes dead skin cells, improves blood flow, and reduces cellulite appearance. It also helps your lymphatic system function more smoothly by stimulating it once again.

For effective dry skin brushing, use a loofah or a natural bristle brush. Before commencing to brush your skin, press your fingertips on the terminus, the indentation between the collarbone and neck, three times. The circulation of lymph is initiated in this manner. You should also press your groin region, rib cage, and armpits three times each over again

Brush the terminus from chest to armpit and from the breast outward toward the armpits, but avoid the nipples since they are delicate. Brush your abdomen above the navel towards the elbows and below the navel towards the groin. Brush your legs upwards towards your crotch and down along your feet and palms in little circles.

It’s preferable to dry brush your skin twice a day, first in the morning and then at night. If you only have time for it once a day, do it at night to assist the body detox while you sleep.

3 – Use Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used by the ancient Egyptians for over 3,500 years. Its users claim that it can increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow through the body. It is also claimed that castor oil improves your immune system and nervous system while also having a beneficial impact on your nervous system.

Castor oil is a popular plant-based remedy for treating ear infections. It’s thought to have neuroprotective properties and improve your immune system.

Another option is to use castor oil packs on the entire abdomen and cover the liver and colon regions. Cover with a towel and a hot water bottle for at least 60 minutes to apply the oil to your skin and then wrap it in a plastic bag. It’s been suggested that the heat of a hot water bottle may be able to penetrate the intestines and liver, causing them to contract and helping toxins to leach away.

You may also take a spoonful of castor oil in the morning to cleanse your small intestines. However, be cautious about consuming it since excessive use can result in severe diarrhea.

4 – Vitamin C Flush

According to advocates of this approach, a vitamin C flush is a treatment that employs large dosages of vitamin C to cleanse the body. According to promoters of this technique, you must consume huge doses of vitamin C on a daily basis until your stools are watery. Vitamin C is supposed to boost the immune system, aid mineral absorption, help the body resist infections, and protect it from pollutants.

Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it does not accumulate in the body and is thus relatively safe to consume large quantities. Although the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is 60mg/d, there are claims that it should be boosted due on its antioxidant and health advantages.

Begin by taking a vitamin C flush on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. dissolve up to 1.5 grams of vitamin C in water and drink it. Every 15 minutes, a healthy person should consume 1.5 grams of vitamin C. The dosage for a moderately active person is 3 grams, whereas that for an unhealthy individual is 6 grams. Continue until you have looser stools or are unable to pass gas normally any longer. This isn’t necessarily the most pleasant alternative, and you may experience severe cramps and bloasting as a result of this method.

Vitamin C is known as the main draw, but it may be complemented with other vitamins and minerals since they aid in the removal of pollutants from the body and the stimulation of immune system recovery. Medicines, especially during early phases after quitting, cause all soluble vitamins in the body to be depleted. You can rapidly restore your vitamin levels to normal by taking a round of multivitamins.

Whether you’ve been drinking and using drugs for years, your B vitamin levels will be badly depleted. B1, B3, and B5 aid in the conversion of sugar into energy while B6 and B12 contribute to blood cell formation and nerve health. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, whereas calcium and magnesium can help you relax and calm down your central nervous system.

5 – Natural Colon Cleansing

The ancient Greeks are credited with being the first to employ colon cleansing. You may either buy specific items or hire a professional to perform colonic irrigation. The latter method uses a tiny tube inserted up your rectum, along with a low-pressure pump that flushes several gallons of water through your system. During the procedure, the therapist may also massage your stomach. After you release the water as usual in a bowel movement, waste and fluid are removed from the body.

If this isn’t appealing to you, you may acquire specialized powdered or liquid supplements to do the job.

If you don’t want to try this, you can buy commercial supplements in powdered or liquid form. Some must be administered via the rectum, whereas others are intended for oral use. Magnesium, enzymes, herbal teas, enemas, and laxatives are all examples of products. Mineral imbalances and projectile vomiting are among the possible dangers of natural colon cleansing.

There is a lot of interest in THC detox drinks to help you get rid of the chemical. However, a colon cleanse, either with the assistance of a professional or through a laxative, is more effective. According to Sharma et al., published in the Iranian Journal of Psychiatry in 2012, up to 65 percent of cannabis is excreted via the feces and only 20% via the urine. Fiber consumption should also aid this process.

6 – Garlic

Unless you’re a vampire, taking garlic pills to assist your body detox is an excellent idea. Garlic can eliminate THC from the system if taken in adequate amounts on a daily basis. This is why we advocate swallowing pills rather than attempting to consume large quantities of raw garlic!

Cannabis use puts a huge amount of strain on the metabolic system and organs. Withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea might lead to nutritional deficiencies. You may help your body return to normal by complementing detox procedures with vitamins, minerals, and foods like garlic, which remove toxins in the process.

7 – Boost Water Intake

Many people are unaware of the fact that they consume far less water than what their bodies require. This may appear to be a simple step, but many individuals fail to drink enough water on a daily basis. To “clean” the THC from their system, those who want to pass a drug test typically drink liters, if not gallons, of water, but this dilutes their urine and makes it appear suspiciously clear during testing.

Instead of trying to drink a lot of water in a blind panic before your next drug test, make a commitment today to increase your water intake. It will naturally ensure that your skin has a healthy glow and reduces appetite while also enhancing energy and flushing pollutants out of your body. If you drink 500ml more each day than you are now, you’ll almost certainly notice a difference.

To start, drink a big glass of water in the morning to stimulate the digestive system. This odd notion sends a message to your mind that you’re committed to being healthy for the day. Begin with 250ml of water each hour. You’ll consume three liters of water without even realizing it throughout a 12-hour period.

8 – Epsom Salt Bath

A salt detox isn’t as simple as putting some table salt in your bathwater. Because it includes minerals that help to eliminate toxins from the body, you’ll need Epsom salt. Proponents of Epsom salt baths claim that it can improve relaxation and provide relief from sore muscular discomfort.

Epsom salts are also used for their healing properties and are named after the English town where a farmer discovered that the bitter water in his wells had a fantastic healing impact on rashes and wounds. Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years as a detox and soothing treatment.

Create an Epsom salt bath by filling a regular-sized bathtub with two cups of salt and water heated to a maximum temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the salt beneath the waterspout for faster dissolution. Soak for up to 20 minutes.

9 – Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay, which is also known as smudgy or snowy clay, has been praised for its ability to detoxify both internally and externally. Every cell in the human body expels waste material, which can become harmful if it builds up faster than it is eliminated. According to some sources, bentonite clay activates when wet and begins a healing process as well as assisting with the removal of pollutants from the body.

It’s a clay that contains a high concentration of minerals like iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and silica. BENTONITE CLAY TOXIN REMOVAL You may use bentonite clay in a variety of ways to detoxify your body. Make a paste out of clay and water and apply it to your skin. To improve digestion, add half a teaspoon of clay to water and drink it. Because the effectiveness of the clay is decreased when exposed to metal, combine it with water in a glass or plastic container.

10 – Apple Cider Vinegar

According to one Internet legend, apple cider vinegar can help you pass a drug test in a day. While it is a useful detox method, it is not the best option as a last-minute solution. ACV is produced by crushing and squeezing apples, which results in fermented alcohol.

The alcohol is broken down by Acetobacter germs and turned into vinegar. The major component in ACV is acetic acid, which gives it a sour taste. According to the idea, drinking three gallons of pure water along with a spoonful of ACV may help you pass a drug test!

In the long run, ACV won’t help you that much, but it can be a useful tool for detoxing if you have more time. Because acetic acid helps to reduce body fat, it naturally detoxes your urine and removes THC metabolites stored in your fat. It might take up to 12 weeks for ACV to work, which is fantastic if you don’t have a specific deadline, but terrible if you’re due for a drug test the following week!

11 – Activated Charcoal

Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

Activated charcoal has recently gained a lot of attention in the health community. It’s a type of charcoal that has a larger surface area and a negative charge and is therefore more useful to the body. It has evolved into a kind of essential component in the cosmetics industry, due to its greater efficiency as an adsorbent.

Charcoal is used in hospitals for patients who have been poisoned since it has cleaning properties.

Charcoal’s detoxifying abilities explain its use in hospitals for those who have been poisoned. When charcoal is ingested, it binds to other chemicals with a negative charge and removes them from the body via the feces, which are linked to it.

While it’s probably a bad idea to eat activated charcoal on a daily basis, prior to a drug test, it may be worth attempting.

12 – Tongue Scraping

The Ayurvedic tradition of scraping the tongue with a tool dates back thousands of years. It’s exactly what it sounds like, only on the tongue. To scrape the residue off your tongue, you’ll need a specially designed tongue scraper that looks like a bent metal stick with a flat center.

Scraping your tongue in the morning is required for effective tongue scraping. The build-up of plaque, which includes poisons, will occur. While it was not designed to pass a drug test, it does give other advantages including clean breath and oral health.

However, tongue scraping is ineffective for a urinalysis. However, it may aid in the passing of a saliva test.

13 – Grapetox

The grape detoxing method has recently grown in popularity. In the early 1920s, Johanna Brandt published The Grape Cure, which states that a diet of grapes healed her stomach cancer. This may be an exaggerated claim, but the Grapetox concept is still effective. Most detox beverages, in fact, have a grape taste.

The grape strategy, on the other hand, has long been disputed by scientists. If you wish to give it a go, all you have to do is eat grapes exclusively for three days. Please be advised that the side effects of this approach include constipation, headaches, and dizziness.

14 – The Werewolf Diet

The Werewolf approach to detoxification is one of the more unusual. It relies on moon cycles, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Moon Diet Plan.

The idea is that anyone who adopts the Werewolf Diet may lose six pounds in a single day. Whether this is true, it might aid you in passing a drug test if it works.

During the Full Moon and New Moon phases, you must go on a juice and water fast. According to it, the body’s detoxification seems to be better during these periods.

Another disadvantage is that, unless your drug test is scheduled for the week following the Full Moon, this will not assist.

15 – Cryotherapy

Athletes are increasingly turning to cryotherapy for a variety of health benefits. Fat burning and sweating are two functions that are essential for passing a drug test, according to some athletes. Cryo-chambers can also help with inflammation reduction.

Liquid nitrogen destroys fat cells by stimulating mitochondrial activity, which is beneficial because it helps to reduce body fat. This is one reason why it’s so popular as a weight-loss strategy.

The body is then exposed to room temperature after emerging from the cryo-chamber, causing vasodilation. This increases metabolism and causes fat to be burned.

In theory, cryotherapy might be used as a sort of fast detox. The fact that it isn’t an established technique for detoxing before a drug test is one of its drawbacks.

Best Ways to Improve Your Chances to Natural THC Detox

The standard methods for flushing the system are ineffective. Furthermore, some of the more unusual techniques have negative side effects. You must decide if it’s worth becoming ill to cleanse your cannabis.

There are a few more natural THC detox techniques. The following three techniques are perfect for cleaning your body and getting rid of THC without putting yourself in any danger. Plus, one can expect a 100% success rate if they try them, proving that a natural THC detox is the way to go.

1 – Abstain

This technique is guaranteed to work. You can’t fail a drug test if you don’t use marijuana. If you know you’ll be tested frequently at your job, it’s best to avoid cannabis altogether.

If you experiment with cannabis and are subjected to a drug test later, quit as soon as possible.

If you do experiment with marijuana and have a surprise drug test, quit as soon as possible. The sooner you stop using THC, the higher your chances of passing a drug test. Keep in mind that over time, the more cannabis you use, the longer it will take for metabolites to leave your body.

2 – Exercise

Exercising can aid in detoxing to some extent. Cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may assist you eliminate toxins because metabolites are kept in fat cells. It can be somewhat effective, but it’s not ideal if your drug test is imminent. If you have a few weeks to detox, exercise is an acceptable approach.

3 – Urinate

As a result of THC’s low fat solubility, it is stored in the body. Once your system has recovered and you have had time to reflect on the experience, try this approach: Drink water. Because THC metabolites are excreted in urine and feces, urinalysis is frequently used as a screening test. If you can stay hydrated, try to eliminate as many metabolites as possible by drinking lot of fluids.

Also, be sure the test isn’t your first pee of the day. Try to use the restroom as many times as possible before your test to increase the amount of metabolites eliminated. Also, try to provide your sample mid-stream and don’t start peeing in the cup right away because it contains the fewest metabolites when done that way.

Final Thoughts on Natural Ways to Detox

There are several natural methods to detoxify, which are frequently safer than traditional detox solutions. These natural detox procedures can not only remove toxins but also boost your energy levels, mood, and general well-being.

There’s a lot of argument about the effectiveness of dieting and other traditional detox procedures. Some of them are so strange that they might be considered weird. However, methods such as as abstinence, exercise, and staying hydrated are somewhat successful. Whether they are effective or not, they are at least preferable to other suggestions like drinking bleach.

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