Death Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

Death Bubba Cannabis 3 - Death Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

The legendary Death Bubba is a combination of Death Star and Bubba Kush, with THC levels ranging from 25% to 27%. It’s an indica-dominant 70/30 strain that leaves people feeling deeply relaxed and sleepy.

Death Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

Users are interested in a strain simply because of its name from time to time. Some names aren’t only intriguing, but they also imply the strains characteristics, such as Death Bubba. When you smoke Death Bubba, you’ll get a wild ride with some similarities to dying.

This potently scents indica strain, which Sea and Sky created in Vancouver, is a trademark of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs and global consumers.

What Is the Death Bubba Strain?

The Death Bubba strain was derived by crossing the Death Star and Bubba Kush strains, hence its name. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) with a THC concentration of between 25% and 27%, likely to put you into a walking coma – if you’re able to stay awake that is.

Death Bubba is a potent strain rich in THC that has the ability to knock consumers unconscious.

As soon as you take the drug, you will be flying on a cloud as the psychoactive effects flood your system. It begins with a euphoric rush to the head that aids in the removal of clutter from your mind and lifts your spirits. A surge of energy will inspire you to accomplish all of your goals.

It’s a hefty, heady high that starts off with a little tingly sensation and gradually numbs the limbs as the high intensifies. It aids in mental clarity and promotes a positive emotional state. As users enter into deep thought, their thoughts become hazy.

When the indica characteristics take over, the good and happy sentiments will not endure long. As the high wears on, you’ll find yourself withdrawing from social situations, dwelling inward, and diving into your thoughts. You will soon drift off to sleep in a pleasant, prolonged slumber as a result of this. For these reasons, Death Bubba is ideally used before bedtime or after work.


Bubba is a smelly strain that smells of grass and skunk. It does, however, have a surprisingly pleasant musky and earthy scent with a touch of pine.


The flavor of the Death Bubba is earthy, sweet, and clean on the tongue. The spicy lemon pine with undertones of pungent earth emerges on the exhale.


The name has a double meaning. The light scent is similar to that of cannabis, and it may also be used as an amusing term for someone who resembles Bubba (weightlifter). The buds have medium-sized dark forest green nugs with purple undertones and a touch of fiery orange hairs. Dark olive green leaves cover each nug, which are somewhat fuzzy and have a thick covering of glistening white trichomes.

Death Bubba Strain Grow Info

It is critical to use caution when growing Bubba Kush because it becomes dangerous quickly. It’s a finicky plant, so beginners should think twice about trying to cultivate this strain. Although Death Bubba may be tough, it requires a lot of care.

This strain has small stature due to its indica roots. It prefers to grow inside and needs lots of love and attention in order to give the greatest yields. The flowering period is between 8 and 9 weeks, but using hydroponics systems can help you speed it up by a week or more. The plant generates around 10 to 12 ounces of flowers per square meter.

The optimum environment for Death Bubba is full-sun, preferably in an open space. In October, experienced (expert) growers can expect to harvest up to 12 ounces of buds each plant.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

  • Bubba Kush is an extremely potent crossing of two exceptionally potent parents. It has a THC concentration of between 25% and 27%, but it can go as high as 29 percent! Different phenotypes of Bubba Kush have slightly different levels of THC, like other strains. It does not, however, fall in the high-THC category, and we wouldn’t advise beginners or occasional users to try it.
  • The CBD concentration of Death Bubba is uncertain. Because of its high THC level, it’s unlikely to have a significant CBD content, which is most likely less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Death Bubba Strain

Death Bubba Cannabis Strain Review

Because it has both mood enhancing and sedative effects, a bloom like this is ideal for depression and tension. Users get that boost of pleasure and tranquility that is so appreciated once Death Bubba takes full effect. There’s no way around it: users must sit back and relax once Death Bubba kicks in.

Furthermore, this strain’s ability to numb the body makes it useful for treating chronic discomfort, spasms, and inflammation. Furthermore, due to its sedative properties, this strain is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from sleeplessness and is best used in the evening for maximum effectiveness.

Possible Side Effect of the Death Bubba Strain

The most common side effects of Death Bubba include dry eyes, a dry mouth, dizziness, and anxiety. These are all rather typical adverse effects among most strains and can frequently be alleviated by utilizing well-known strategies you may have used in the past, such as staying hydrated.

Furthermore, bear in mind that if you consume too much bud, the occurrence of adverse effects is more probable. It’s easy to overdo it with a strong strain like Death Bubba.

Final Thoughts on the Death Bubba Strain

Bubba Kush is a potent, powerful strain that delivers both a head and body buzz. During the early phases, this strain activates and energizes individuals. This strain’s sedating bodily high quickly puts users in total relaxation. You will eventually drift off to sleep as a result of your own deep thoughts.

The capacity of this strain to put people in a state of bliss is an advantage that both recreational and medicinal marijuana users appreciate.

If you’re a seasoned smoker and want a restful night’s sleep, Death Bubba is ideal.

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