Mango OG Marijuana Strain Review

Mango OG 6 - Mango OG Marijuana Strain Review

This strain is named for its flavor, which may be described as a combination of Mango OG and kush! It also soothes tension, alleviates symptoms of depression, and reduces pains and aches.

There are claims that eating a Mango OG before smoking cannabis improves the high. The fruit is high in vitamin A, which may extend the impact of marijuana in the body. Mango OGes feature a substantial amount of myrcene terpene, which is absorbed into the circulation when eaten.

The THC in a Mango OG will be affected by the additional terpenes whether you eat it before or during/after smoking. When the contact takes place, the strength of the high is said to rise significantly. If you have a slow metabolism, eating a Mango OG just before using your marijuana can help you feel more euphoric. For people with fast metabolisms, two or even three Mango OGes may be required to produce the same effect.

If you truly enjoy Mango OGes, why not try eating them before taking the Mango OG strain? Let’s have a look to see how strong this cannabis is.

What is the Mango OG Strain?

Mango OG Marijuana Strain Review

The Mango OG strain plant is a somewhat indica-dominant hybrid, and its precise origin has been disputed. In the 1960s, a hippy bred it, and today’s strain is a KC33/Afghani cross that was first tried in 1991.

The strain came in third place in the best indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002, and it has experienced a resurgence since 2009, when it was cited among the publication’s top seeds of the year. It has a lovely tropical fragrance and huge buds, which is why it won third place in the best indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002.


The scent of the Mango OG strain marijuana is quite lovely, with a beautiful fruity fragrance that combines Mango OG, citrus, and an earthy aroma that fills a space. Simply take a whiff of this cannabis to be enticed.


The taste of Mango OG is complemented by a creamy lemon flavor on the exhale, making it seem as if you’re eating a dessert rather than marijuana. Sweet and sour notes in Mango OG titillate the tongue, while the sour fruitiness lingers on the mouth and inside of the mouth. There’s also an earthy, citrus aftertaste.


The leaves of a Mango OG tree will be covered in deep green and yellow-green, with crimson and violet highlights as the fruit approaches maturity.

Mango OG Strain Grow Info

Patience is required once you’ve got Mango OG strain seeds. It’s a slow starter, but when it gets going, you’ll be astonished at how quickly it shoots up! It takes some time to reach a reasonable height (about one meter) with plenty of thick flower and buds.

The buds of most plants can grow to be the size of a softball or larger, necessitating the use of additional support. If you use the SOG (Sea of Green) approach to cultivate indoors, you may trim the flowering period down to 7-9 weeks. To keep track of how much your plant is growing, prune it on a regular basis. If you prefer to grow cannabis indoors, each square meter should produce up to nine ounces of dried bud.

If you want to grow Mango OG marijuana outdoors, you’ll get a far more generous yield (up to 24 ounces per plant). The strain is typically ready for harvest by the end of September. If you have an outside garden and want the plants to remain at a manageable height, start indoors and prune the vegetative stage to three weeks before transplanting outdoors. In the Northern Hemisphere, if you live in July, you can put them outside as late as August.

It’s critical to dry and cure Mango OG cannabis properly after harvesting if you want the marijuana to taste delicious AND be potent. You should hang your plants upside down in a room with a relative humidity (RH) of 55% to 62%. Allow up on week for buds to dry before placing them in glass mason jars. Once every day, open each jar for a few minutes at first. After a few days, it is acceptable to simply open the jars once every two or three days. The longer you leave the cannabis in the jars, the more flavorful it becomes.

THC Content – Highest Test

  • The percentage of THC in Mango OG cannabis ranges from 15% to 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

  • Even if you get a particularly potent Mango OG strain, the high can be muted by the large CBD concentration, which may reach 10%.

What Can I Expect When I Use Mango OG Weed?

The high CBD content of Mango OG means you won’t be overwhelmed by the Mango OG experience. It is, without a doubt, one of the nicest highs you will encounter. You should feel calm and in command rather quickly, and your worries will seem to melt away. Users claim to have felt an alleviation of all their concerns as well as a general “feel-good” sensation.

This strain can help you feel better while also dealing with any anger or anxiety that you’re feeling. You may experience a little energy boost, but

Medical Benefits of Mango OG Marijuana

Mango OG Marijuana Strain Review

Mango OG is a lovely indica-dominant hybrid that has won many fans because of its high CBD content. People use it to treat severe stress disorders because of the way it relaxationes them. Mango OG cannabis is supposed to be a strong analgesic, so you might want to utilize it for chronic pain and muscular spasms as well as joint aches.

Mango OG cannabis may help you feel better if you have either of these conditions. Mango OG marijuana can assist people with PTSD and depression by making them feel better. We propose utilizing this herb’s relaxing effects in the evening to your advantage. If you have difficulty sleeping, use this marijuana an hour before bed to see if it helps you get more rest.

Possible Side Effects of Mango OG Weed

The prominent cannabinoid is CBD, which gives users a strong high without overwhelming them. Some strains with a THC concentration of over 20% might induce anxiety and paranoia in some people, but the primary side effects are minor, such as dry mouth and itchy eyes. If you’re a first-time user who goes overboard the first time around, you may feel slight dizziness or a mild headache.

Final Thoughts on Mango OG Cannabis

Mango OG weed is among the greatest three strains that seasoned marijuana smokers have ever tried, according to our customers. Its beautiful Mango OG flavor makes it a must-try weed, and it’s not particularly difficult to grow for beginners. When cultivated indoors, however, the yield is relatively modest, so keep that in mind.

Mango OG is unquestionably a night-time strain since it helps you to unwind and relax. Although it gives an initial boost of energy, you will quickly determine that resting on the sofa or in bed is a superior option than attempting to accomplish anything. Make sure you use enough and keep a glass of water and delectable snacks on hand.

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