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Experience a delightful burst of intense euphoria with Mango OG Sativa, an indica strain crafted by combining KC 33 and Afghani. This creeper weed releases its flavorsome effects gradually – leaving you feeling uplifted, refreshed and ready to go! It has the same aromas and tastes as its namesake fruit – juicy mangos – while it also produces impressive buds that can grow up to softball size in just 9-11 weeks’ time. Get your hands on some Mango OG today for a truly sensational experience!

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The Mango OG Sativa strain of cannabis is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, although its exact beginnings remain under debate. It was first crafted by an avid hippy back in the 1960s, but today’s version is actually a combination of KC33, Afghani and the original Mango OG variety – a mixture which debuted as recently as 1991.

The strain experienced a resurgence of fame in 2009 when High Times announced it as one of its best seeds that year – an accolade which followed its earlier triumph, taking third place in the Best Indica category at the 2002 Cannabis Cup. This magnificent cultivar is renowned for its exquisite tropical aroma and colossal buds.

Mango OG Aroma

Mango OG marijuana strain is the embodiment of its name, tantalizing those near with a remarkable fruity aroma that mingles Mango OG, citrus and earthy scents. One could not help but feel enchanted after a single whiff of this delectable combination!

Mango OG Flavor

As you inhale, the tropical flavor melds with a rich and creamy lemon taste that will make you forget it’s marijuana; instead, it feels more like indulging in an exquisite dessert. Invigorating sweet yet sour notes of Mango OG tantalize your tongue while its unique earthy citrus aftertaste lingers on long afterwards.

Mango OG Appearance

As Mango OG season approaches, you may notice its vibrant yellow and green hues as well as stunning reds and violets on the leaves near harvest time.

Mango OG THC Content – Highest Test

Mango OG marijuana packs a punch, boasting THC concentrations ranging from a robust 15% to an impressive 24%.

Mango OG CBD Content – Highest Test

If you come across a particularly powerful Mango OG strain, the overwhelming CBD content of up to 10% will work wonders in toning down the intensity of your high.

What To Expect When I Use Mango OG Sativa Weed?

If you’re looking for a high that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, then Mango OG is the perfect pick. With its exceptionally high CBD levels, it promises an excellent experience with users reporting feelings of relaxation and control almost instantaneously upon consumption. As well as this sense of contentment and inner peace, many have said they feel free from all worries while enjoying a nice ‘feel-good’ sensation – making Mango OG one of the most enjoyable highs out there!

If you had an especially grueling day, we suggest this particular strain – it can lift your spirits while soothing away anger and stress. It also helps to bring on a mild energy surge, all of which results in a balanced high. Just don’t forget the snacks because trust us when we say that you will want them once the munchies set in!

Medical Benefits of Mango OG Marijuana

Mango OG is a highly sought-after medical marijuana strain due to its high CBD content, which has been proven to provide calming and relaxing effects. Not only does Mango OG offer relief from chronic stress syndromes, it also provides powerful analgesic properties for those who suffer from chronic pain or muscle spasms. For individuals suffering from PTSD or depression, Mango OG’s component of relaxation might be just what they need in order to feel more positive and relaxed. We suggest utilizing this weed before bedtime if you are having difficulty sleeping – an hour should do the trick!

Side Effects of Mango OG Weed

Boasting a high CBD content, this strain offers an intense high without overpowering you. Unlike some strains with THC levels over 20%, the side effects of this one are minor at worst – dry mouth and itchy eyes being chief among them. As for new users that go overboard on their first try, they might experience slight dizziness and mild headaches but nothing too serious.

Mango OG weed is widely touted as one of the top three strains by seasoned marijuana smokers. Its unique Mango OG flavor makes it a must-try, and thankfully it isn’t too difficult to grow for novice growers. Unfortunately, its yield when grown indoors is relatively low; something that should be taken into consideration before embarking on this venture!

Make no mistake about it, Mango OG is a top-tier nighttime strain that helps ease your mind and body into relaxation. After the initial energy surge wears off, you’ll find yourself in an irresistibly comfy state of bliss—perfect for snuggling up on the couch or drifting off to sleep. Just be sure to use sensible amounts and keep some delectable snacks and H2O handy!


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