Weed Storage: How to Store Weed and Keep Marijuana Fresh

Cannabis Storage 6 - Weed Storage: How to Store Weed and Keep Marijuana Fresh

Do you need to keep your marijuana for up to two years in order for it to be stable?

Cannabinoids such as THC may be stored more effectively.

In other words, your cannabis stays potent for longer. How can you accomplish it?

This article explains how marijuana begins to degrade and how you can prevent it from happening.

Use Grinder to Storage Weed.

 How long can you store weed?

Keeping your marijuana in the proper condition is an art, and there are several reasons for knowing how to store it properly.

The question is, how long can you keep your marijuana? You may keep the THC and fragrance of your cannabis buds for up to a year if you do it correctly.

In this post, we’ve gone through the best methods for preserving cannabis and the sort of container you’ll need to do so.

Why is weed storage important?

Storing weed is an important step in the post-harvest process since it helps to keep your buds fresh and preserves their THC content and aromas.

Buds on marijuana plants can decay, just like any other fruit or vegetable. This is true even if you cure them.

Cannabis quality decays due to 4 main factors:

  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Air

The cannabinoids in your buds will break down when exposed to too much light, causing your cannabis to lose its potency. Mold may develop if the humidity is too high. Your buds will lose a lot of their terpenes and therefore a lot of flavor if you expose them to extreme heat.

Finally, air may lead to mold growth. If this happens, the quality of your cannabis will deteriorate even more quickly depending on how much or little is in your jar.

Storing weed: Desiccant for weed

Weed Storage: How to Store Weed and Keep Marijuana Fresh

Cannabis plants are susceptible to any amount of moisture, which is especially harmful if the material is not vacuum-packed (which just delay mold development). Before storing, the annual stash should be fully desiccated.

When considering how to keep marijuana fresh, the most significant worry for many growers is excessive humidity in their weed storage containers (i.e., mason jars, resealable bags, medicine containers). Excess moisture might cause mold to grow on your buds while insufficient moisture can speed up the rate at which the trichomes dry out.

Keep in mind that the ideal relative humidity for storing marijuana is 59 to 64 percent.

Desiccants are a simple approach to address any humidity issues in your marijuana storage containers.

By soaking up surplus moisture, this substance aids in maintaining the proper humidity levels in your marijuana storage containers. Boveda is one of the greatest desiccant for cannabis. Their different-sized sachets function in a variety of containers.

The ideal humidity for marijuana storage is around 70%. Dehumidifiers are not the solution since they remove moisture from a room rather than adding it. The best method to store marijuana long-term is with desiccants, which ensure that the weed is kept at an appropriate level of dampness. Boveda can also assist you when it’s time to cure your cannabis buds.

Humidity packs, on the other hand, are used to add moisture to a drying container environment. They don’t just sell packages that absorb moisture in bottles; they also provide humidity packs that release moisture. Extra dampness is beneficial for any cannabis curing container that is too dry to cure buds.

How to rehydrate weed

Before you smoke any of your desiccated buds, be sure they are completely rehydrated. This is because dry buds lack the flavor and potency they should have, therefore any flowers you consume should have a certain degree of moisture to offer the best experience.

There are several methods to rehydrate your marijuana. You may dab them with a wet paper towel or mix freshly trimmed buds with dried ones in the same mason jar. A few droplets of water per ounce of flower can also be added and left to rest for many hours inside an airlock bag in a warm location.

How to store marijuana: Dry it first

When storing your marijuana, first dry the buds. This is critical since drying them extends their shelf life and lowers the likelihood of mold and mildew growth. Drying your cannabis is generally a great approach to enhance its taste.

Typically, the drying period takes around 1-2 weeks; however, it is determined by your cannabis buds’ size and how you trimmed them.

Finally, the amount of air in your drying room is perhaps the most significant aspect when it comes to determining how long the drying process will take. A slower dry occurs as a result of a lack of ventilation.

After they’ve been washed, your buds need to be cured. The primary distinction between the two is that drying just reduces the amount of moisture in your fresh buds, whereas curing is the act of storing said dried buds in an airtight container for approximately 2-3 weeks.

The curing procedure extends their shelf life while also improving their flavor and strength.

Here’s a quick hint: if your buds are still moist after drying, you can microwave them.

Place your buds on a cookie sheet and nuke them for no more than a minute on the lowest heat setting.

Note: The ideal temperature and humidity for storing marijuana is 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 59 to 64 percent relative humidity.

How to store cannabis seeds

It’s critical to eliminate the cannabis seeds from your buds before beginning the drying and curing process. Removing the seeds allows you to grow plants from them, but it also aids in the smoothness of your smoke.

Seeds, like buds, must be stored correctly if you want them to last for your next harvest. If you want to keep your cannabis seeds in good condition, you’ll need the proper storage container.

Plastic containers with tiny holes in the bottom are prone to letting air into the container and harming the seeds. They may not be completely sealed, so you’ll need some sort of cover for them.

It is recommended that cannabis be kept in an airtight container or the original packaging. You’ll also need a suitable location to store them. Cannabis seeds should be stored in a cool, dark environment.

When it comes to temperature, you must maintain a constant 40°F (4°C) in order to slow down the metabolic process of your seeds and ensure that they have enough stored nutrients to germinate when planted.

Remember: Keep the container dark and dry. Both light and moisture may help seeds germinate.

Best way to store marijuana: Cannabis storage containers

Weed Storage: How to Store Weed and Keep Marijuana Fresh

Using silica gel packets for weed storage

Desiccant silica gel packets are a type of desiccant that removes moisture from the air to ensure that the container is completely dry.

Silica gels are similar to Boveda pouches in that they can help regulate the humidity in your weed bags. Silica gels, on the other hand, absorb moisture until they are unable to do so any longer, much like Boveda pouches.

Because of this, silica gels are not the ideal desiccant for cannabis since they might lead to a container that is too dry. Is silica gel really effective in keeping weed fresh? Yes, it sure does. It’s still a decent choice, especially because you may reuse them – unlike Boveda pouches.

Keep in mind that silica gels should not be combined with Boveda pouches. The two desiccants would mingle, resulting in a mess.

After several days of usage, the Boveda packet would eventually dry out, and the silica gels would become too moist. One of the finest methods to preserve marijuana is to add some silica gel packs.

You can get moisture-absorbing silica gel pellets from electronics, foodstuffs, and various other items that frequently include them. Simply wrap cannabis in a bag and seal the zipper lock to remove as much air as possible this way.

To preserve a mold-fighting vacuum, attach rubber bands to both ends of the bag. To make room in your jar, add that bag (in addition to any other silica gel packet or two). Your buds may now be kept for at least a year in the elements thanks to these additions.

Discreet, long term cannabis storage

If that doesn’t work, you may fill clean jars with your bagged marijuana and wrap them in paint cans or other water-tight snap-down covers, or anything else that has a lid.

If you acquire a large amount of marijuana, one method to store it is to dry it out first. This may be done in an oven or dehydrator at low heat before being buried or otherwise hidden where people are unlikely to discover it.

Remember that regardless of whether or not you have a license, your marijuana will always be stealable goods; so guard it, distribute it in several caches, and hide them well. For individuals who make or purchase in large amounts but don’t want to take the chance of having too much on their premises, loosening a square of sod in one corner of the backyard is an excellent choice.

You may grow marijuana in a sealed plastic bucket placed in the dirt and burying it to its lid. You might also try filling empty paint cans with trees in the woods. Even a military ammunition box secured with a waterproof lock-down lid, packed dry in a garbage bag, and buried beneath ground waste might do the trick. Just keep it cool and dry, of course.

Smell-proof cannabis storage

When it comes to preserving marijuana, one of the most prevalent problems is containing the scent. It might be hard to come up with a simple solution for how pungent and distinctive marijuana buds smell. The greatest method of storing cannabis, on the other hand, is one that remembers this. Furthermore, there are several different techniques for masking your marijuana and its odor.

It’s possible to disguise the smell of your budded marijuana by putting it in a jar of coffee beans. While this may come as a surprise to some, the rich fragrance of coffee beans is enough to hide the scent of your buds.

What degrades weed?

Do you want to store your marijuana for an extended period of time? The curing procedure must be watched. Subsequently, it’s important to keep it from deteriorating. This is done by following good storage practices.

There are a few things that can hasten the deterioration of your cannabis. Here are four steps you can take to keep your marijuana robust:

Keep your bud safe from the air

Weed Storage: How to Store Weed and Keep Marijuana Fresh

The amount of oxygen within your storage space is critical when it comes to keeping cannabis for long periods of time. If the humidity level is insufficient, mildew or mold can develop in a plant if there isn’t enough oxygen. On the other hand, excessive oxygen has the opposite effects.

So, how can you keep your cannabis from losing moisture?

One approach to preserve marijuana from oxidation is to vacuum seal it. It’s really the best method of keeping your marijuana from spoiling over time. If you don’t have vacuum seal bags, jars might be a viable option. Airtight glass jars are an easy way to keep things organized. When you’re done, make sure the tops completely seal shut.

How to choose an airtight cannabis storage container

Before you start, take note of the jar’s dimensions. Even though no air is leaking in, the jar itself may trap extra oxygen inside.

When cannabis is frozen, it oxidizes and becomes damaged. Pick a container that’s big enough to store your marijuana without crowding it but small enough to leave little empty space inside.

The humidity decreases inside the container.

Keep moisture away from your marijuana

Mold is extremely dangerous. If possible, you should not smoke it. Mold will grow if your cannabis is damp. You can prevent mold from infesting your cannabis by keeping it dry at all times. However, you don’t want it to get too dry. As a result of this, the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis degrade over time.

The two primary compounds in marijuana are THC and cannabigerol. Keep an eye on the humidity levels to maintain the quality of your marijuana for extended periods of time. The ideal humidity level is one that ranges between 59 and 63 percent RH. In addition, “RH” stands for “Relative Humidity,” which refers to the amount of moisture in the air compared to what it can hold.

Quick tip: Humidity Control Packs allow you to maintain control without having to do anything extra.

Minimize light exposure

The easiest way to eliminate your cannabis’s cannabinoids is to expose it to light. Light, like with a lot of other things, has the ability to change things. The color in your hair may fade or the paint on your automobile might dull and flake, for example. Marijuana might be damaged in a similar fashion.

Here’s what happens:

UV rays destroy the terpenes and cannabinoids in your plants. To prevent this, don’t expose your cannabis to too much light. What should you do? Of course, store it in opaque containers. Also, keep the containers out of the way of any direct sunshine.

Maintain a mild temperature

When buds are exposed to high temperatures, they usually dry up rapidly. The terpenes evaporate, resulting in an unpleasant flavor and harsh smoke. Furthermore, when the temperature is between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, mildew and mold develop.

This is why marijuana should be kept below 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

The majority of individuals just recommend keeping marijuana in a “cool and dark” location. The refrigerator is the most popular choice.

Keeping cannabis in the refrigerator, on the other hand, promotes moisture accumulation, resulting in mildew and mold.

If you wish to extract hash, try storing cannabis in the freezer for longer. However, as the tiny trichomes are broken due to such cold temperatures, your plants’ potency may be lost. Keeping cannabis in a dark corner, basement, drawer, or closet is therefore recommended in light of this.

More tips for storing marijuana long-term

If you follow the instructions above, you should be successful. However, if you attempt these techniques:

  • Choose Your Storage Container Wisely – Cannabis may sweat in plastic containers. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, store it in mason jars or another type of glass or ceramic container instead. Make sure the jar’s lid is securely sealed to keep the cannabis fresher for longer.
  • Control the Moisture – According to old-schoolers, add orange, lemon, or other fruit rings to your ceramic or glass marijuana jars in order to enhance taste and rehydrate buds. However, be cautious since it might cause your buds to absorb too much moisture, resulting in stinky moldy cannabis.
  • Store Cannabis by Itself – When storing cannabis for long-term storage, keep it away from pipes, lighters, and other related items. Do not wrap drugs in tinfoil or put them in glass jars with metal covers. These goods have an unpleasant odor. Your marijuana’s flavor and fragrance may be altered by absorbing the scent of these things.
  • Avoid Using Tobacco Humidors – The majority of humidors are made of cedarwood. The oil from the wood might leach into your plants, affecting the terpene and changing the flavor of your bud.

Perhaps you have a lot of marijuana on hand but aren’t sure when you’ll use it.

Perhaps you obtained a high-quality cannabis strain from the dispensary and want to keep it potent as long as possible. However, whether or not you store bud correctly, learning how to preserve marijuana fresh ensures that when you’re ready to use it, it tastes delicious.

FAQ about storing weed

What is the best temperature for storing weed?Y

If you reside in a chilly climate, keep the temperature at or below 60°F. Don’t store cannabis anywhere it will get too hot or too cold. Keep the marijuana in a cool, dark location with an ideal temperature of 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s the ideal jar size for storing weed?

Your container should be similar in size to the size of your plant and how you intend on storing it. It should be big enough to hold your cannabis, but not so huge that there is excess space within.

What is the best relative humidity for storing weed?

The relative humidity must be between 59 and 63 percent.


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