X-File Marijuana Strain Review

bubblegum hybrid - X-File Marijuana Strain Review

The most common hybrids in the industry are usually the result of crossing two parent strains. X-File, on the other hand, is a cross of three distinctive cannabis plants that have indica genes. Not only that, but it has THC levels up to 22 percent, which is rather high.

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X-File Marijuana Strain Review

The outstanding aroma of Kosher Tangie is complemented by its fruity citrus characteristics, as well as its soothing euphoria. Girl Scout Cookies or GSC, on the other hand, adds to X-File’s ability to give a recreational high with significant therapeutic value. White Fire Alien OG combines all of these characteristics and enhances the offspring’s performance in the grow room as well as trichome production.

The most desirable qualities of its parents are combined in X-File, making it a strain with the greatest features. It has a fun high that puts one into a state of euphoria. Meanwhile, its soothing body buzz soothes various pains throughout the body while reducing edema in inflamed regions. Finally, it’s an excellent entry-level grow since it’s a robust variety that produces plenty even if grown in any environment.


It should serve as a timely reminder that X-File’s effects don’t manifest until 15 minutes have passed since the first two to three puffs. If you take an excessive amount of the strain at once, the pleasant effects can transform into an overpowering psychedelic high for both beginners and veterans alike.

A tingling sensation swarms the mind at the outset of an episode. It’s characterized by a burst of euphoria that elicits pleasant ideas. Users will feel upbeat throughout the day as a result of the effects. At the same time, it puts one in a relaxing mood for a soothing end to the day.

The entire body tingles, and the same tingly pressure runs down the neck and through the rest of the body. Each muscle is soothed in its wake. A heaviness hovers over the limbs, weighing down into deep relaxation. Users are likely to fall asleep either on the couch or in bed if they can make it all the way.

X-File is most effective in the evening, as is typical for Indica-dominant strains. Although it has strong wake-and-bake characteristics, such as a surge of euphoria and a positive head high, its comedown is especially sleepy.


The scent of SMART-X-File is that of fermented grape juice. There’s a mild sourness to its fruity undertones, as well as traces of diesel. An undertone of moist earth lingers in the air after it has been broken down or combusted.


X-File washes your mouth with the wonderful taste of wine after it’s drawn in. It has a delicate sourness of citrus and grape, which is difficult to detect but distinctive. On the exhale, a combination of diesel and dirt leaves an intriguing aftertaste.

Adverse Reaction

Users frequently report a little dryness in the eyes and mouth. This is to be expected, as all marijuana strains have cannabinoids that limit moisture production. Although modest, beginners who are experiencing discomfort can still relieve the dryness by drinking a few glasses of water throughout the day.

Due to the potent THC content, most users will not feel anything at all after taking a few puffs of X-File. However, while many people would not feel anything, others may be affected by paranoia and anxiety if they take too much. It is important to note that individuals who are susceptible to these problems will generally experience negative effects regardless of how much they consume. In this instance, it is preferable not to smoke the strain.


X-File Marijuana Strain Review

X-File is a California based cannabis company with operations in the UK, Canada, and Australia. It’s a cannabinoid pharmaceutical firm that produces medications using cannabinoids for both mental and physical issues. Its bright head high works as an excellent short-term therapy for symptoms of mental health problems including sadness, trauma, or anxiety.

CBD has a calming effect, reducing tension and alleviating the overpowering dread that usually accompanies it. CBD’s mood-boosting and emotionally-stabilizing buzz helps to alleviate stress. The mental clarity also allows ADD or ADHD patients to concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time. It is also quite beneficial since it lifts users’ spirits when they are down.

X-File’s cerebral effects are complemented by its appetizing qualities. As a result, using the strain just before or after a meal is one of the greatest times to do so. It helps people eat more by reducing any stomach aches that prevent them from eating anything at all. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce stomach edema, which can cause excruciating cramps. As a result, the Indica-dominant bud is also useful for alleviating nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.

The mind and body are soothed by a soothing bodily high that relieves muscular pain. Users become increasingly calm as the experience progresses, eventually leading to drowsiness. It initially appears to be subtle, but it quickly grows in strength until all one wants is a full night’s sleep.


The Sativa-dominant X-File strain is a moderately Indica-dominant strain with well-balanced growth characteristics. It has a lot of bushy foliage, for example. Its buds have the same structure; they taper at one end but are denser than airy buds that stretch. As a result, various methods must be used to meet its various requirements.

Topping the plant early and pruning its side branches are two of the skills that growers must utilize. Because of its height, shortening the vegetative phase will keep the plant small and manageable. Meanwhile, removing certain branches, as well as dead leaves, will improve nutrient, air, and light circulation among the lower nodes by reducing moisture development. This approach also promotes plant health since it lowers the likelihood of dampness turning into mold or mildew.

A dry and cool environment is perhaps ideal for a strain like X-File. After all, it may occasionally get water between the edges of its leaves in a humid climate. However, tropical growers who wish to trim their plants frequently may do so. At the same time, one may also opt to germinate it indoors using an effective exhaust or ventilation system to remedy this issue.

X-File is a curious hybrid that has been bred from two powerful Indica strains. It develops big, chunky buds with the characteristic density of Indicas during the flowering stage. It’s covered in glistening trichomes and dripping with resin. Each nug also has a pleasant peach and citrus fragrance to it.

Flowering Time


Phoenix Tears X-File, a mostly Indica strain, has a long blooming period of 10 to 12 weeks. It may flower by one or two weeks under the expert care of a seasoned grower. It will nevertheless produce well with an average yield of 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter under good conditions.


X-File is available from the middle of October to early November as an outdoor bloom. Every plant generally produces at least 12 ounces of trichomes at harvest time.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own X-File? Please let me know what you think of this cannabis strain in the comments area below.

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