Breaking Dab – Hash Rosin

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Breaking Dab’s Hash Rosin is crafted from premium fresh-frozen ice water hash, ensuring exceptional purity and potency in every dab. Through a meticulous extraction process, the delicate terpene profiles and cannabinoid content of the cannabis flowers are preserved, resulting in a robust and flavorful concentrate. Whether enjoyed alone or blended with other cannabis products, Breaking Dab’s Hash Rosin delivers a top-tier experience sought after by both connoisseurs and casual users.

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Breaking Dab Hash Rosin revolutionizes solventless concentrates, sourced from carefully selected fresh-frozen ice water hash for unparalleled purity. Beginning with the delicate preservation of cannabis flowers through immediate freezing, the process retains the plant’s terpene profiles and cannabinoid potency.

After freezing, the cannabis undergoes gentle extraction using ice water and agitation, yielding a clean and solvent-free hash. This hash is then meticulously pressed to extract the rich rosin, preserving the plant’s essence without additional solvents or chemicals. The result is a premium-grade product delivering a true-to-strain experience with each dab.

Breaking Dab Hash Rosin ensures a superior concentrate experience, boasting a smooth texture, robust flavor, and potent effects. Whether enjoyed solo or blended, this rosin provides a full-bodied experience appealing to both seasoned enthusiasts and casual users. With Breaking Dab, purity and quality remain uncompromised, promising a premium dabbing experience every time.




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Breaking Dab – Hash Rosin
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