Gods Gift Hash

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God’s Gift Hash offers a high that is similar to smoking regular marijuana, although not as intense. It’s the CBD level that sets it apart from cannabis buds, giving you an aromatic but subtler experience than usual when consumed via bong or vaporizer. You can even prepare edibles with hash and enjoy its distinctive weed-like aroma!

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If you’re looking for a unique, rich-smelling premium hash that’s out of this world, look no further than our Gods Gift Hash strain. With an odd and delightful aroma, it’s one of the top favourites among our staff – which is why we’ve made sure to stock up in our online store! Get your hands on some Gods Gift Hash today and experience something truly extraordinary.

Gaining fame in California dispensaries in 2005, God’s Gift Indica strain went on to receive top honors for best-in-class at the 2015 Bio Cannabis Cup. This remarkable hybrid is crafted from Granddaddy Purp and OG Kush, requiring an 8-9 week flowering period. Known far and wide as one of the finest blonde hashes available today, this Dutch delicacy was developed using only plants derived from God’s Gift itself! To craft God’s Gift hash, the buds are dried completely before being crushed for a smooth and sweet product that exudes an aroma of caramel, spice and classic Amsterdam toffee. As its color is lighter blonde-brown with a crumbly texture throughout, it has been delicately pressed from high-grade dry sift off God’s Gift flowers. Trichomes have been separated through sieving on dry blossoms to form this dry powder which is then ultimately compressed into hash.

Experience the effects of a cannabis joint, but with an even mellower high thanks to its special CBD level – that’s God’s Gift Hash. With hash, you can vape it, smoke it or make edibles out of it and enjoy its dank aroma reminiscent of traditional bud. For those looking for something similar in terms of potency but less intense than weed has to offer, this is your answer!

God’s Gift cannabis is a powerful Indica, boasting up to 27% THC in its dried flower form. Its associated hash also packs an extraordinary punch – use it with moderation if you’re a newcomer! While this type of hash may not burn cleanly on its own, it can be used as an additive for more experienced users by combining with some bud and packing into joints or sprinkling over bowls. For those looking for even greater potency and flavor intensity, consider investing in dab rigs or vaporizers – the ultimate way to get the most out of your God’s Gift experience!


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Gods Gift Hash
Gods Gift Hash
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