Heisenberg Extractions – Wax 3.5G

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Heisenberg Extractions’ Wax 3.5G offers cannabis connoisseurs a premium dabbing experience with its diverse selection of strain-specific options, including classics like Wedding Cake and Runtz, as well as potent sativas and indicas. Crafted using specialized hydrocarbon extraction techniques, each batch of wax preserves the essence of the original strain, resulting in concentrates with intense terpene aromas and authentic cannabis flavors.

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Heisenberg Extractions offers a premium selection of THC wax in convenient 3.5g jars, providing cannabis enthusiasts with an array of strain-specific options to elevate their dabbing experience. Utilizing advanced hydrocarbon extraction techniques, each batch of wax is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the original strain, resulting in pure and high-quality concentrates. Packaged in child-proof containers, the wax boasts a smooth and opaque consistency, ranging from pale yellow to rich amber, indicating the retention of flavorful terpenes.

When it comes to variety, Heisenberg Extractions doesn’t disappoint, offering an extensive range of strains in their 3.5g wax jars, including popular classics like Wedding Cake and Runtz, as well as sativas like Durban Poison and indicas such as Skywalker and Bubba Kush. With such diverse options, consumers can tailor their dabbing experience to suit their preferences, whether seeking energizing sativa effects or relaxing indica vibes. Additionally, the wax’s smooth viscosity allows for easy handling and precise dosing, ensuring a customized and enjoyable experience with every dab.

Heisenberg’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their wax, from its aroma and flavor profile to its effects and overall value. Each jar contains wax that exudes intense terpene aromas, with citrusy notes in sativas and pungent, gassy aromas in indicas, providing an authentic and flavorful dabbing experience. Furthermore, the strain-specific effects range from energetic and creative highs with sativas to tranquil and relaxing effects with indicas, catering to a wide range of preferences and desired outcomes. With competitive pricing and exceptional value, Heisenberg Extractions’ 3.5g wax jars offer cannabis enthusiasts a premium dabbing experience without breaking the bank.


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Heisenberg Extractions – Wax 3.5G
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