Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO

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Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO elevate vaping with strain-specific nug runs, ensuring consistency and preserving unique terpenes and cannabinoids. Tailored for cannabis extracts, these pods deliver maximum vapor and a secure seal for an enhanced experience. Crafted using specialized techniques and solvents, they offer a potent blend of THC and CBD compounds in a compact format.

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Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO revolutionize vaping with their phenotype-specific nug runs, ensuring consistent quality and preserving the unique terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain. Committed to innovation, Flo Extracts delivers 100% full-spectrum concentrates, free from added terpenes or additives, providing a pure and flavorful experience.

With a dedication to enhancing the cannabis experience, Flo Extracts offers a range of hybrid strains like Pink Kush, renowned for its balanced mental and physical effects, making it perfect for evening relaxation. Their proprietary vape-pod system, designed specifically for marijuana extracts, elevates the vaping experience to new heights, surpassing standard 510 pens with innovative vapor technology.

Flo Pods are a game-changer, providing ultra-portable vaporizers that outperform traditional 510 threads with an airtight seal and maximum vapor output. Experience the potency and convenience of Shatter Cartridge Pods, crafted using specialized procedures and hydrocarbon solvents, delivering a potent dose of THC and CBD compounds in a compact and easy-to-use form.

Dabbing shatter offers swift absorption of cannabinoids and potent effects, making it an efficient and clean alternative to smoking. While its solid consistency may require some effort to portion, the lasting effects and purity make it a preferred choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a high-quality experience.


Gods Bubba, Tuna OG – Hybrid


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Shatter Cartridge Pods
Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO
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