10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

how to make homemade bong 19 - 10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

Looking for a creative, cost-effective way to enjoy your cannabis? Why not try making your own bong! This is great if you’ve left your main pipe at someone else’s place, or don’t have the luxury of keeping it at home. Plus, this could double up as an exciting craft project while getting high too!

Through the years, marijuana consumers have been crafting bongs not only for the sheer pleasure of creating them but also to share smoking experiences with friends. There’s a certain enigmatic charm that comes with this process!

Looking for a creative way to craft your own homemade bong? With just a few simple, everyday items and some ingenuity, you can make an effective DIY bong that is both cost-efficient and unique. Get creative with it – the possibilities are endless!

Ready to learn how you can construct a unique bong all on your own? We will cover the various pieces and steps necessary for building an exceptional homemade water pipe. Let’s get started!

Understanding the basics: parts of a bong

10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade BongBefore we start creating a homemade bong, let’s take a quick look at the four components necessary for constructing one. To make sure it works correctly, you need to acquire: the tube, base, carb or carburetor and downstem. With these parts in hand your newfound craft will be ready to use!


When constructing homemade bongs, the size and length of the tube become critical. The larger and longer it is, the more vapor you can inhale in a single hit. This tube also acts as a chamber for smoke to fill before inhalation so keep this in mind when deciding how big of a hit you desire.


The base of a DIY bong is the point where you fit water, which helps in drawing smoke into its chamber. It doesn’t require any stringent regulations but as a rule of thumb, the bigger it is – the larger your homemade bong will be with an overwhelmingly large hit!

 Carb or carburetor

Constructing a homemade bong at home is simple, and all you need to make it happen is a carburetor or “carb” – that’s the little hole on the side. When your chamber has filled with smoke, cover up the carb with your finger then release as you take in fresh air through your mouth and lungs. Enjoy!


For your homemade bong, the downstem is where you place the tasty homegrown marijuana. This narrow stem connects to one end of a tube and at the other end it fits into either a store-bought or DIY bowl. To make a bowl using tin foil, shape it according to your desired size and use a pin to poke holes in it so that it works with the homemade downstem pipe. If buying from an established retailer, double check that its design compliments your custom made downstem!

 The bottle bong

The bottle bong is the epitome of homemade cannabis bongs, and has been a crowd-pleaser among friends looking to get creative. To construct your very own plastic bottle DIY masterpiece, you will need: scissors or a sharp pen; marker; duct tape; needle and tin foil. With these supplies in hand, you are well stocked with everything necessary for constructing an iconic piece of functional art!

If you’re looking to make a DIY bong, grab any plastic water, soda or juice bottle. Avoid using reusable bottles since the hard plastic is difficult to cut through. Prior to assembling your bong, be sure that you rinse out the container so there isn’t any sticky residue left behind. Now take a pair of scissors or sharp pen and create two holes; one for the carb and another for the downstem adapter piece. Fill it with as much (or as little) water needed before screwing on your bowl piece – don’t worry if you can’t find its cap!

10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

Building the downstem and bowl

Instill an impressive downstem into your homemade bong with a marker. Use the scissors to slice open the marker, and take out the ink cartridge inside – you’ll be left with only a hollowed-out plastic shell. Subsequently, insert this construction in through the opening at the base of your DIY water bottle bong, then fasten it together using duct tape and make sure there are no gaps or air holes.

Constructing a bowl with tin foil is an easy and creative way to create your own bong. Craft a compact bowl shape on the bottle, attaching a short spout at its base. Then, using a needle or any narrow tool of choice, poke several holes into the foil – these will be used as passages for drawing smoke from marijuana into your homemade pipe!

Filling your plastic bottle with water ensures the downstem pipe is completely submerged. Then, simply grind up some homegrown cannabis before loading it into the bowl and inhale! Covering the carb with a finger will trap smoke inside until you choose to release it – just lift that same finger off of the carb and let it rush into your lungs for an unforgettable experience.

In just a few straightforward steps, you can craft your own custom bong!

 The gravity bong

For those who’ve already dabbled in crafting bottle bongs and are seeking to improve, creating a gravity bong is the natural next step.

If you’re a seasoned smoker, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the powerful and intense hit of these babies! Due to its ingenious use of gravity, smoke is effortlessly pulled into the chamber – who knew physics class could be so fun!?

To complete this task, you will need a plastic bottle, a bigger container such as a bucket or large bottle, an upholstery needle and tin foil.

10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

Building a gravity bong

Crafting your own gravity bong doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s how to do it: Start by rinsing out the plastic bottle and discarding its cap. Cut off the bottom half of the container and place tin foil over its mouthpiece, pressing down into an indentation so that it forms a bowl shape. With a needle, create tiny holes in this covering for smoke flow before introducing your chosen material into it – then you’re all set!

To make a DIY bong, get yourself either a large bottle or even better yet, use a bucket. Then fill it with water and submerge the smaller half-bottle which has been topped with tin foil as your bowl – making sure not to let any of the water touch the foiled part. Now you’re ready! Place some homegrown cannabis in your makeshift bowl and light it up; this will cause gravity to pull down smoke into its chamber. As soon as it’s full enough for ya, slowly lift both bottles so more room can be made for smokin’.

To guarantee that you don’t waste your smoke, make sure the bong doesn’t leave the water. When it’s properly filled, swiftly take off its bowl and inhale deeply. In no time at all, you’ll feel the powerful effects of marijuana!

The Tic Tac bong

If you can muster a touch of creativity, even containers like a Tic Tac box or Pringles can make superb homemade bongs – no plastic bottle required! With just your own ingenuity, any vessel becomes DIY smoking equipment.

10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

Building a Tic Tac bong

Crafting a Tic Tac homemade bong is almost the same as crafting its bottle counterpart. To complete this project, you will need: A Tic Tac box, scissors, tape, a marker or pen and some tin foil. Use your scissors to puncture two holes in the box – one for the downstem pipe and one for the carb. Take out all of the ink from within your pen/marker so that it can be used as an efficient downstem device!

Join the two using any type of tape; duct tape is most dependable and secure. Create a bowl with an opening at the bottom by shaping tin foil, then fill your Tic Tac box with water to submerge the downstem pipe. Grind up some homegrown marijuana and place it into your improvised bowl before lighting it up. To inhale through the lid’s hole on the Tic Tac container, cover its carburetor – when you’re ready for more smoke simply take off your finger from said air passage!

This homemade bong may be small, but it packs a punch and gets the job done!

 The iBong, or the apple bong

For the eco-friendly and crafty smoker, an iBong or apple bong is a perfect project! Instead of having to purchase materials for your creation, you can simply use a fresh fruit. Red Delicious? Honey Crisp? Granny Smith? Any delicious apple will do! So grab one from your local grocery store and get ready to make some Apple Bong magic!


 Building an a10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bongpple bong

Designing your own bong has never been easier than with just a pencil or any other pointed tool and an apple! Start by removing the stem from your chosen fruit. Then, take the pencil or sharp object and carefully pierce through it halfway down to create both the bowl and downstem of your bong. Now you’re ready to start crafting away!

Utilize the same pencil and drill a hole through the side of the apple until you reach its core. Your goal is for both openings to meet in the heart of the fruit, which will serve as your carburetor.

To complete creating your DIY bong, make one last hole in the front of the apple to line up with the other two. This tube is what you’ll use as a mouthpiece when smoking. Simply place cannabis on top of the apple and keep your finger over its carb hole. Now bring that same end towards your lips – where it meets up with that additional tube – and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Ignite the homegrown marijuana and inhale deeply. As you do this, savor the smoke filling up inside of your chosen fruit – be it an apple or a pineapple, pumpkin, cucmber…the choice is yours! When ready to consume it, simply release your finger and draw on the mouthpiece for a satisfying experience.

 Mason jar bong

Mason jars are all the rage for use as cups, lamps, and candle holders – but why not get creative by transforming them into unique DIY bongs? Mason jars provide an incredibly durable solution that can be reused time and again! In this article we’ll explore how you can make your own homemade bong with a mason jar.

10 Easy Ways How to Make Homemade Bong

 Building a mason jar bong

To craft this one-of-a kind bong, all you need is a mason jar, knife, marker, straw, needle and duct tape. Begin by cutting three holes into the lid of your jar: one for the carb (air hole), another as the tube opening and a third to serve as your downstem. Then empty out any ink from inside the marker that will be used in place of an actual downstem within its respective hole. Insert your straw into a different open slot on top of the lid to form what typically serves as a mouthpiece while making sure both parts are firmly secured with duct tape!

Construct a bowl with the tin foil, similar to other DIY methods, and puncture holes through it using a needle. Place this bowl into the downstem marker. Fill up your mason jar with water until the downstem is submerged in it. Now you’re ready for an unforgettable smoking session! Start by crushing some homegrown marijuana flowers and place them into your newly constructed bong’s bowl hole. Cover up its remaining carb hole using one of your fingers before finally sucking air from straw located at the top of Mason Jar lid – when you feel like inhaling, release your finger and inhale deeply – that’s how easy yet effective The Mason Jar method really is! You can also use any hard containers such as alcohol bottles or olive oil cans instead of mason jars if desired – just make sure they are made out of non-flammable materials only!

 Pros and cons of each bong type

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using a homemade bong is integral for any smoker. Let’s explore these pros and cons in more detail.

 Water bottle bong

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and free way to get your fix on the weekend, then why not give DIY bong making with water bottles a try? The upside of this venture is that it won’t take long – all the cutting involved should be relatively simple. On the flipside however, bear in mind that these homemade bongs are only good for one night’s use before they become redundant; what’s more, they can easily break if handled too roughly!

 Gravity bong

The gravity bong is a fan favorite for crafting homemade bongs, as it packs the power of five hits into one massive and unforgettable hit. Plus, this DIY masterpiece offers science-lovers an exciting way to appreciate physics from a unique perspective! The only caveat with the gravity bong: not ideal for portable usage since you need to construct them wherever they will be used. So bring your craftsmanship skills out and enjoy an unmatched experience unlike any other!

 Tic Tac bong

The Tic Tac bong is a great option for those looking for an easily transportable and discreet homemade bong. Packing it in your pocket you’ll never be without the buzz you need – even when you leave home without your pipe! The downside of this one-hitter, however, is that its effects aren’t too powerful; perfect if all you want or need on the go is just a quick hit to turn up your vibe.

 iBong, or apple bong

If you’re in need of a fast and simple solution, then the iBong is the perfect choice for you. All that’s required to construct it is an apple and something pointed – voilà! Lightweight, with no water or plastic involved – this bong offers your cannabis with a delectable twist while being incredibly eco-friendly. The only downside? You won’t be able to reuse it once it starts deteriorating; also, there may be slight traces of fruit flavor coming through your marijuana – though some people like having that added boost in taste!

 Mason jar bong

Cannasseurs adore the homemade mason jar bong due to its customizability and durability. However, this handy invention requires a bit more time and effort compared to other cannabis smoking solutions- it’s not something you can whip up in a matter of seconds! Additionally, be sure that when cutting the metal lid for your contraption, you use caution with your knife or any sharp object. With proper care and construction, however, an at-home mason jar bong will never cease to amaze -and provide maximum satisfaction!

 The final hit on homemade bongs

Why spend a fortune on an expensive bong when you can make your own? Crafting homemade bongs is easy, and all it takes is some creativity. With the right materials, you’ll be able to come up with something truly unique that will wow your friends! Take a look around the house for inspiration, then use these ideas as guidance in building your very own DIY bong.

Construct your own DIY bong with friends at home for a unique, enjoyable experience! Gather the necessary supplies to construct a water bottle, gravity, Tic Tac, apple or mason jar bong. Enhance the fun by consuming cannabis while constructing these makeshift contraptions – then take it one step further and purchase some cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme to grow your own harvest!

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