Sticky Weed: 5 Super-Sticky Cannabis Strains

why is weed sticky 22 - Sticky Weed: 5 Super-Sticky Cannabis Strains

When buds are sticky between the fingertips, they’re perfect. Learn what makes cannabis adhere and which varieties deserve the title of “stickiest.”

What Makes Weed Sticky?

Many people who have trimmed fresh cannabis plants are familiar with their tenacity. When one’s fingertips come into contact with those magnificent buds, one may feel a strong sticky substance cling to them. Trichomes secrete terpenes and essential oils, which have a gelatinous texture. The trichomes on buds that resemble strange wizard staffs with orbs attached are called. Terpenes secreted from the buds aid in the plant’s survival by providing an insect deterrent as well as maintaining the temperature within acceptable ranges.

The sticky nugs contain terpenes such as pinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, and humulene. Terpenes are the chemical components that give marijuana its distinctive fragrance and taste. The stickiness of the buds is created during the final stages of growth when flowers fill up with water and create our beloved trichomes. In India, the stickiness of cannabis buds is utilized to create charas, which is hand-rubbed hash. All the trichomes and resin adhere to the skin when the flowers are rubbed with both hands. Hash is pressed into charas balls after the coat has been scraped off.

Sticky Weed: 5 Super-Sticky Cannabis Strains

Dry vs. Sticky Weed

When the plants are cut, they go through the drying and curing process. The buds evaporate moisture during this stage and mature. Sticky buds, which contain more trichomes and therefore more terpenes, cannabinoids, and delicious tastes, are regarded as higher quality. When the buds aren’t cured properly, though, they can be extremely sticky for the wrong reasons. Excess dampness, mildew, and other factors are not indications of “the good type” of stick cannabis.

When the buds are really dry, they might’ve been dried under harsh environmental conditions or simply because the strain didn’t produce enough oils. Because it’s easier to decarboxylate dry marijuana, it’s preferable for making edibles. The financial aspect of dried buds is another advantage: a gram of dry weed makes more substance than super sticky weed.

Why Sticky Weed Is Perfect For Making Hash

When it comes to hash production, the stickier the buds, the better. Sticky buds equals more resin and hence more hash per gram of cannabis. When a bud is covered with trichomes—those resin-containing glands that cover cannabis flowers like icing sugar with all of the goodness like THC, flavonoids, and terpenes—you can be sure that it will generate a lot of hash. The top five sticky strains are each carpeted with jiggly trichomes, which accounts for their strong odors, powerful effects, and excellent hash-making potential.

Explore Zamnesia’s 5 Stickiest Weed Strains

Purple Punch

The indica-dominant Purple Punch is punchy, with knockout tastes and effects. Zamnesia Seeds created this behemoth by mixing Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, two powerful hitters. The resulting goopy, sticky, resin-rich plant is tacky to the touch yet sweet on the palate.

Purple Punch is a great choice for both the grow room and outdoor use. She takes around 8 weeks to complete blooming, which will appeal to growers who want to get their hands on the green as quickly as possible in any situation. Outdoor plants produce about 750–800g per plant and 600–650g/m² per plant in indoor setups when ready.

Sweet, delicious buds that have a wonderful, long-lasting, soothing high with just the right balance of caramel notes and aromas. This is an impossible product to put down!

Sticky Weed: 5 Super-Sticky Cannabis Strains

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

The Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze, due to their stickiness, formed an indissoluble bond, resulting in the magnificent Lemon Shining Silver Haze. This strain is absolutely that sticky dank you’ve been looking for. The lemon aromas and tastes are copious. If you’re b

Lemon Shining Silver Haze has a sweet aroma and strong, uplifting and energetic effects that attract cannabis enthusiasts. The flowering period of this sativa-dominant strain is 8–9 weeks. It’s essential to prepare yourself for the buds’ incredible stickiness when they’re ready for harvest; otherwise, you’ll be stuck on the farm for a long time…

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue, a legendary strain said to have been created after a hermaphrodite Chem Sis plant pollinated a Sour Dubb plant, is considered to be one of the world’s most sticky strains. Some of the seeds from Josey Wales and Lone Watie were kept, resulting in a gooey legacy that is now enshrined in the cannabis hall of fame. Because the trichomes are genuine, Gorilla Glue has 25 percent or more THC and plenty of terpenes and oils, making it extremely adhesive.

The aromas and tastes of Gorilla Glue complement the indica-dominant effects of the high. Users may experience both euphoric and physical pleasures when taking in large doses, making them hesitant to get up from the sofa. The flowering period lasts about 8 weeks, during which strains can grow to heights comparable to King Kong if grown correctly. If you enjoy the scent of gluing, combine it with Gorilla Glue; it’s healthier for your body and mind.

Pakistani Chitral Kush

Pakistan Chitral Kush is a 100 percent indica strain with all of the characteristics of a classic. She’s a sticky Kush variety that has been refined over five generations, having originated in the Iberian Peninsula. Her shiny, resin-coated, delicious buds are well worth the time and effort of indoor cultivation.

She’ll finish flowering in just 8–9 weeks, exploding into a rainbow of bright hues and flavorful odors to let you know she’s ready to harvest. When cultivated under ideal circumstances, Pakistan Chitral Kush may provide big harvests thanks to her medium heights and robust branches. She has a lovely sweet berry flavor and fragrance that everyone will enjoy smoking or vaping. Her affects are powerful yet relaxing, providing a soothing atmosphere that is ideal for any occasion.


The Maui Haze mother was so sticky that the Afghan pollen clung to those pistils with ease. This resulted in Afgooey, a really goopy strain that may adhere to your nostrils when you odor the enticing citrus and tropical scents. This 70% indica and 30% sativa hybrid creates intense cerebral and trippy experiences. Creative minds will enjoy the potency and stickiness of this strain while producing some incredible works of art.

Highs last a long time, which is something to keep in mind if you have regular chores to complete (except smoking and embracing sticky cannabis strains). Afgooey flourishes in Sea of Green (SOG) systems, where it thrives on big resin-covered buds. This plant gets quite small and produces enormous harvests, making it an excellent choice for an indoor cannabis grow if a lot of syrupy buds are desired.

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