What is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke it?

what is crumble wax and how do you smoke it 3 - What is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke it?

Concentrates are one of the most quickly developing sectors in the cannabis business, and crumble wax is among the most popular varieties. This unique marijuana product has a number of benefits, including a robust flavor profile and high potency. Continue reading to learn about what crumble wax is, how to use it, and why it’s so popular among cannabis consumers.

What is Crumble Wax?

The term ” crumble wax” is a bit of a misnomer, as the substance should not be confused with honeycomb wax or simply crumble. While concentrates like shatter have a sticky, stretchy texture, crumble is exactly as it sounds. It’s dry and crumbles into powder easily. This is due to the technique used in purging production. Crumble wax comes in a variety of hues and has THC levels up to 90%. Remember this next time you’re thinking about purchasing concentrate: A little goes a long way!

Benefits of Crumble Wax

Preparation method

According to numerous cannabis product companies, Crumble is purged at a lower temperature and for longer periods of time than shatter or other types of concentrates. More terpenes might improve the flavor profile and even provide health-promoting qualities.


Even tiny quantities of concentrate, such as crumble wax, can have potent effects. When compared to dry flower, you may consume far less product yet still get a strong high. As always, experienced and novice smokers should exercise caution when using concentrates.

Highly versatile

When it comes to eating crumble wax, you have a lot of alternatives. It may be smoked, dabbed, vaporized, or used in edibles.

What is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke it?

How is Crumble Made?

The process of extracting crumble wax is comparable to that of other extracts, such as BHO. Cannabis is harvested and frozen or kept in a nitrogen or dry ice preservation method to maintain its freshness. The solvent is then used to extract the lipids, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the rest of the plant material using a closed-loop system. While many businesses have started to utilize supercritical CO2 rather than butane to make a cleaner product,CO2 extraction is expected to result in a more gluey end product that does not resemble crumble. The waxes and fats are then removed from the cannabinoids and terpenes using cooling.

The last stage in the production of crumble wax results in its distinctive dry and powdery texture. The extract is poured out onto trays and placed in specially-designed vacuum ovens, which are then heated at low temperatures (110° F to 135° F/43.3° C to 57.2° C) for a lengthy time, usually 1 to 3 days, to remove any residual butane (butane remains). At higher temperatures and for shorter durations, other types of concentrates may be purged to alter the terpene and cannabinoid profile. Crumble wax is often whipped at high speeds to create a texture that is lighter and more airy than shatter or other concentrates.

Can you Make your Crumble Wax?

Most home-made cannabis extracts are not suggested. Many novice extractors have caused injuries that have resulted in property damage, personal injury, and even death due to unsafe handling and uncontrollable situations. If you’re looking for a solvent-free extract to make at home, check out our guide on how to make bubble hash.

The finest cannabis concentrates are produced by well-known businesses in a controlled laboratory setting. Using flammable solvents like butane has a significant danger and should be done only by experts. Professional extractors also utilize quality control procedures including comprehensive lab testing to guarantee that their goods are free of impurities and residual solvents.

How Do You Use Crumble wax?

For many reasons, including its extremely high terpene count that can expand the product’s aromatic and flavor profiles, its enormous strength, and of course its versatility of application, crumbled wax is one of the most popular cannabis concentrate products available today. It may be used in a variety of applications since it has such a high terpenoid content:

Dab it

Dabbing is the most common technique to employ crumble. Dabbing crumble wax follows the same procedure as other concentrates: pick up a tiny quantity of wax with your dabber, bring it to a simmering temperature (lower temperatures aid in the preservation of terpenes flavor), and then dab away! Keep in mind that crumble’s texture makes it difficult to adhere to the tip of a dabber. If you plan on dabbing crumble wax on a regular basis, you might want to invest in a dabber with a spoon tip.

Alternatively, you may warm your dabber before dipping it in your crumble cache. The crumble will melt slightly, allowing you to easily apply it to the nail. Keep in mind that dabbing usually creates strong effects. If you’re a first-time user, be careful and moderate your usage.

Smoke it

Although crumble isn’t ideal for smoking alone, it may be mixed with dry flower in a bong or bowl to give your smoke session a stronger punch. It may also be used to make a blunt or joint, giving you greater taste and effects.

Vape it

If you have a vape with the capacity to add concentrates, simply crumble it in there and go for it. Vaping crumble is usually more efficient than smoking it, and it can produce powerful effects comparable to dabbing. Again, if you’re unfamiliar with using concentrates, be cautious.

Eat it

The popularity of cannabis concentrates is on the rise these days, and it’s easy to see why. When you make edibles with cannabis concentrates, the extraction procedure generally decarboxylates the plant matter in advance, eliminating the need to go through the time-consuming process of decarbing, steeping, and straining plant material. Simply heat a low-temperature pan filled with coconut or olive oil while crumbling your desired amount of crumble; allow it to dissolve after that. Then simply add your cannabis-infused oil to whatever you’re cooking!

Remember, when cannabis is heated at high temperatures, its valuable terpenes and cannabinoids (all of the good stuff) may be destroyed. Consider mixing your oil into a recipe that doesn’t use much heat, such as hummus or pesto.

What is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke it?

What’s the Difference between Wax and Crumble?

Wax (not to be confused with crumble wax, which is simply a crumble) and rubble are both produced in unique yet comparable ways, resulting in distinct concentrates products. Budder and crumbling are both forms of wax made using various amounts of moisture in the oil, heat used during extraction, and agitation throughout the manufacturing process.

Crumble is prepared with pre-purge oils that have a higher moisture content than waxes or other similar products. This is why crumble has the fluffy, dry texture that it is known for rather than the more compact, loose textures seen in other solvents.

Where Does Crumble Come from?

The history of crumble is relatively short. Only recently has it been discovered how to make extraction techniques with butane and other solvents that are more efficient. What we do know is that in 2005, a story appeared in Cannabis Culture about a Canadian individual’s unique “budder” oil, which was made using a unique “budder” technique. Then, in 2010, several types of butane hash oil (BHO) concentrates were entered into the High Times Cannabis Cup after they had already become popular. It was only a matter of time before crumble emerged as yet another product produced through diverse extractions processes.

Extractors and producers are continuing to develop and perfect a variety of different kinds of cannabis concentrates, such as crumble, as our technology and understanding of cannabis grows into the 21st century.

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