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OCB Hash stands apart from other concentrates, as it is produced without the use of any solvents or chemicals. Instead, this potent extract requires a careful physical manipulation and temperature adjustment to produce its unique dark green or brown hue in brick-like shapes. Unleash the full potential of cannabis trichomes with OCB Hash!

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What is OCB Hash?

OCB Hash is a potent concentrate created from the trichomes of cannabis plants. It has an evocative dark green or brown hue, often coming in brick-like shapes. OCB Hash stands out as a solventless extract; unlike other extraction methods that use chemicals and solvents, it relies solely on careful physical manipulation and temperature adjustments for its creation.

How is OCB Hash made?

One of the earliest forms of cannabis concentrates, Hashish can be traced back to texts from as early as the 12th and 13th centuries. At its core, this concentrate is created by gathering resin from a cannabis plant and compressing it into solid form. Depending on how one chooses to make hash, it could have various looks or textures; each method holds history within itself that contributes directly to what we today call ‘hash.’ The most common way people consume hash is either through smoking or inhalation.

What makes OCB Hash so special?

OCB Hash is not just the oldest concentrate in the world, but it’s made up of trichomes which are packed with advantageous elements found within cannabis plants. The cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids all combine together to produce a powerful entourage effect as noted by Dr. Ethan B Russo in his 2011 British Journal of Pharmacology study – this enhances both THC and CBD along with other beneficial molecules! In short: OCB Hash is an extraordinary way to experience marijuana like never before. Beyond the potent impact of terpenes and flavonoids, which have been proven to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits in lab studies, hash stands out as an ideal low-tech concentrate. Not only is it simple to make without laboratory grade equipment or solvents – but when stored properly the resin powder used for sieved hash can remain viable for years! When kief is compacted into a slab or bar, its rate of degradation accelerates. Before compression, the trichome structure serves as an effective inhibitor against potential potency- and flavor-diminishing elements such as oxygen and moisture.

How do I consume or use OCB Hash?

For an amplified experience, the simplest way to utilize hash is by adding it to some flower inside a bong, bubbler or pipe. This will intensify your high and overall effects of consumption.

OCB Hash can be savored alone, especially through a practice called “hot knifing” or taking “knife hits”. This technique involves heating two butter knives up on the coils of an electric range until they become red. The hash is then placed onto one of the flat blades and after sparks are created from contact with both knives, you will have yourself some delicious smoke.

Smoking hash with a pipe is convenient and safe, as long as you use a screen to keep the smoldering piece of hash from entering the pipe. This will help ensure that no one accidentally inhales it.

Embracing the trend of concentrate consumption, dabbing is a unique way to experience hash. To do this, one needs access to a specialized glass pipe known as a “dab rig”. Dab rigs offer an individualized approach for users looking for quality and efficiency in their extractions. Whether it’s wax or oil products you are after, put aside your traditional water pipes; dab rigs are the ultimate tool!


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OCB Hash
OCB Hash
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