Outlaw Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Outlaw Haze Marijuana 3 - Outlaw Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Unlike the classic Haze strain, the Outlaw Haze variety’s name is a bit deceptive. While many consumers may think of a mind-numbing high, this isn’t really accurate. The Outlaw Haze strain generates energetic and uplifting effects that are ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night out with friends. It also has some nice tastes, including spicy citrus and pine.

The word “Outlaw Haze” appears frequently in a coffee shop and marijuana store menus, as well as on the internet sites of cannabis companies. A menu at a coffee shop or an online store for cannabis merchants is unlikely to be devoid of seeds that include the term “Outlaw Haze” in their name, indicating their heritage. Buy Super Silver Haze to have a rest in the end of the work day.

Outlaw Haze has become one of the most popular strains for breeding, and as a result, there are many variations that can claim some relationship to the original 1960s Outlaw Haze strain; and most do so in their name.

What is not so unusual to discover in almost any shop nowadays is the strain that started it all: Outlaw Haze. There isn’t a lot of information on Outlaw Haze, and why it has become such a popular variety for breeders across the world.

Let’s take a closer look at Outlaw Haze and see why it is such a popular breedable among growers.

What is the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain?

Outlaw Haze Marijuana Strain Review

The Outlaw Haze cannabis strain is a 1960s Santa Cruz invention that is the result of four sativa strains being crossbred: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The end product is a strong sativa strain known for its active and creative high. Since then, it’s been used to breed other Outlaw Hazes. It has had a significant impact on marijuana culture as a whole.

Outlaw Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s known for its cerebral effects rather than a physical high. The absence of bodily symptoms makes it perfect for those who want to feel fully in command of their bodies but don’t want to lose several hours at a time – chained to their sofa unable to make the most of Outlaw Haze’s mental high.

Outlaw Haze is a powerful motivator that may help you get through your workday or tackle difficult tasks. Outlaw Haze, which produces an energetic and happy high, is also popular among friends in social situations, making for a chilled out and relaxed time together.

Outlaw Haze is famous for its potency, with just a few puffs being enough to take you to a blissfully uplifting high. It’s easy to overspend on Outlaw Haze if you don’t know how much you’ll need. Many people discover that their first experience of Outlaw Haze is considerably more powerful than they anticipated, and it’s common for novice smokers to get by with only one long puff.

Outlaw Haze’s initial effects may seem like your brain is operating at 100 miles an hour. Everything around you appears to be moving swiftly, and you feel the need to do so as well in order to stay up.

Both White Fire and Outlaw Haze make you feel invigorated, ecstatic, optimistic, and hopeful. They also have a brightening effect on everything around you, making it seem as though anything is feasible. People frequently use this early phase of the high to get things done or exercise further than they thought possible.

Outlaw Haze may help you feel more comfortable in social situations, such as when you’re feeling a little embarrassed. It’s much easier to talk to others than it is normally, and discussions just seem to flow naturally.

The high produced by Outlaw Haze may leave you feeling motivated and ready to go for hours at a time, but the effects of the high begin to wear off.

You’ll start to feel a severe drop in energy levels once Outlaw Haze has left your body, and this can make you feel really drowsy and uninspired. Given the mental preoccupation of an Outlaw Haze high, it’s no surprise that when such sentiments begin to dissipate your body understands how tired it is and collapses.


The aroma of Outlaw Haze is known for being warm and toasting marshmallows over an open campfire-like, according to some. As you break down Outlaw Haze buds, the rich scent is released, creating a fresh yet spicy smell.

Outlaw Haze’s powerful aroma is dominated by a spicy combination of different spices, which are blended with a classic cannabis scent to produce a cloud of pleasant smoke. You begin to sense a somewhat sweet citrus scent as you exhale, which you wouldn’t expect from such a hot strain.

Outlaw Haze is a smooth-smoking strain that’s popular with novice smokers, since even heavy users can easily breathe it in. Because Outlaw Haze leaves no aftertaste and has no odor, people who dislike smoking joints frequently cough uncontrollably while doing so. When you smoke indoors, Outlaw Haze may linger in the air for some time afterward.

How does Outlaw Haze’s flavor compare to its spicy-sweet scent?


Outlaw Haze Marijuana Strain Review

With its smooth, sweet taste, outlaw haze is a pleasure to smoke; even novice smokers are able to take deep breaths as the smoke flows into their lungs and fills their senses with a pleasant warm blend of spicy sweetness.

As you take your first puff of Outlaw Haze, a wave of spicy citrus washes over your taste buds, bringing back memories of relaxing Christmas afternoons by the fire with family and friends.

As the smoke works its way through your body, you are free to unmix the many tastes that seem to be cavorting in your mouth, vying for your attention. A faint earthy taste lingers in the background, allowing the stronger citrus and spice notes to battle it out.

As you exhale, all of these distinct tastes blend to form a pleasant yet revitalizing sensation in your mouth.


The color of The Undergrow’s leaves is a rich olive green, with thin orange pistils covering the buds. The orange pistils add to the plant’s overall appearance and give it an almost fluffy appearance.

Outlaw Haze leaves are extremely thin and solid green in color, which is why they appear to be from a plastic plant rather than a real cannabis plant; the deep green shade is almost too perfect to be genuine. The lack of texture on the leaves helps to give them their phony look, but you may see very fine pale green lines running throughout when examining an Outlaw Haze leaf closely.

The leaves of an Outlaw Haze plant are long and thin, with random portions sticking out giving it added bulk. It’s the plants’ height and thin build that sets them apart when planted near other strains.

Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Outlaw Haze is well recognized for its lengthy development period, which can last up to 14 weeks before it is ready for harvesting when cultivated indoors. This has not prevented Outlaw Haze from becoming one of the most popular strains in the market, however.

Outlaw Haze takes longer to mature than most cannabis strains, making it unsuitable for novice growers seeking for a fast return on their efforts. Those who are prepared to put in a little more effort and time for a huge reward at the end should only grow their own Outlaw Haze plants at home if they are looking for a long-term investment.

Outlaw Haze plants may be kept outside in a warm, sunny climate similar to that of Santa Cruz and the area around it. Outlaw Haze plants, like all cannabis varieties, can be grown indoors in colder climates, giving you greater control over the temperature.

The majority of molds that can harm and influence the growth of cannabis plants areresistant to the plants in question, but like with any plant, it’s a good idea to check your plant’s leaves on a regular basis.

Outlaw Haze may be a challenging plant to grow, and as a result, new growers may feel overwhelmed. Growing your own Outlaw Haze plants is a labor of love that is more than worth the time and effort in the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

Outlaw Haze has a THC concentration of 21%, putting it in the middle of the road for a sativa. Its higher-than-average THC level is responsible for the powerful mind high that can be experienced after smoking just a few puffs of Outlaw Haze. Using Outlaw Haze cautiously, especially if you’re a novice smoker or have a low THC tolerance, is recommended.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It’s impossible to determine the exact CBD content of Outlaw Haze, as it’s generally believed that there is little more than trace amounts. Given that Outlaw Haze is a strain with a high THC concentration, and it is difficult to discover a strain that simultaneously has a high THC and CBD content, the lack of CBD in this strain should come as no surprise.

Even though Outlaw Haze has very little CBD, it nonetheless offers a number of health advantages that make it worth considering for medical usage. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should try Outlaw Haze to enhance your health.

Medical Benefits of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is ideal for individuals who have attention deficit issues, since the burst of energy and a strengthened focus make it perfect for accomplishing tasks without being distracted. Outlaw Haze can also be used to cure stress and sadness, allowing even the stuff that seemed unattainable to feel achievable.

Outlaw Haze may be used to help people who are severely depressed go about their daily lives without feeling like they’re accomplishing anything.

Outlaw Haze is frequently used to treat lethargy because it contains a lot of energy. A few puffs of Outlaw Haze first thing in the morning might help you feel better prepared for what may be a trying day, allowing you to redirect your attention away from tiredness.

Outlaw Haze is also beneficial for those who want to increase their appetite, making it an ideal strain for people seeking to counteract the side effects of appetite-suppressing medications. Outlaw Haze’s uplifting qualities are also a great pick-me-up when dealing with serious illnesses.

As the high from Outlaw Haze wears off, certain users experience a drowsy, sleepy feeling that takes over their bodies and makes it difficult to fall asleep. This does, however, necessitate some advance preparation because Outlaw Haze’s initial effects include a surge of energy that makes falling asleep more difficult.

Taking Outlaw Haze an hour or two before bed might help some people get the most out of the strain’s energetic high while still feeling drowsy enough to nod off, allowing them to complete a few tasks from their to-do list before going to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Smoking Outlaw Haze might leave you dehydrated and cause dry mouth and, in rare cases, dry eyes. When smoking Outlaw Haze, it’s a good idea to keep a glass of water on hand to help you stay hydrated and minimize the effects. Dry eyes and dry mouth should not last more than a few hours and have no long-term health implications.

Some users report a feeling of paranoia and increased anxiety after smoking Outlaw Haze in higher doses. This might be partly due to the strain’s greater than average THC concentration, combined with the larger dose. If you have a propensity for either anxiety or paranoia, it is best to start with smaller dosages of Outlaw Haze until your body adjusts.

Outlaw Haze can sometimes induce dizziness, making everything around you appear to be twisted, almost as though you’re walking through a carnival’s maze of magic mirrors; this may be due to the mental race that is frequently induced when smoking Outlaw Haze.

Final Thoughts on the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is a popular breed among breeders for good reason: its unique sativa effects make it perfect for mixing with indicas for a well-balanced hybrid. Outlaw Haze provides a classic sativa high with lots of energy and motivation, making it ideal for getting things done around the house or at the office.

Outlaw Haze, on the other hand, isn’t just for work. It’s also a good strain to have around when hosting parties since it creates an enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere where everyone may simply be themselves and have a good time. Outlaw Haze can even be medicated or consumed on a lazy afternoon while you let the strain’s powerful psychotropic effects take you where they will.

Outlaw Haze has become increasingly popular among medical consumers in recent years as a result of its wide-ranging health benefits and strong high. Outlaw Haze is a must-try strain for fans of the Outlaw Haze family, who can test Outlaw Haze’s effects in their purest form.

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