How to Save a Joint

how to save a joint - How to Save a Joint

Below, we outline a few different ways you can store your pre-rolls and partially smoked joints, so that they remain fresh for as long as possible. We offer solutions ranging from simple to more sophisticated.

Regardless of how often we plan to smoke, things never seem to go as intended. Our responsibilities always manage to get in the way and force us put our upcoming smoking sessions on hold. But whether you only made it halfway through a joint or have yet to spark one up, some key factors determine how fresh your weed will be afterward. To prevent cannabinoids and terpenes from degrading—and keep your half-smoked joints from smelling bad—we’ve compiled a guide with tips on extending the life of your pre-rolls.

What Happens When a Joint Goes Stale?

If you’ve ever picked up a stale joint and wondered what you were doing with your life, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way. You took the proper precautions to dry and cure your buds perfectly and seal them in airtight containers, so why not treat them the same after rolling them?

If you want your joint to taste good and smell great, there are a few things you need to do. Make sure you’re using high-quality buds; whether you grow them yourself or buy from a reputable source. This way, you can avoid any residual pesticides or harmful additives that might make your joint taste bad.

If you want to avoid dry, harsh-tasting weed, don’t leave your joints out in the open. Unprotected joints will slowly degrade when exposed to oxygen and heat. However, it’s still technically safe consume “expired” cannabis–it just won’t be as potent or flavourful. You can tell if weed has gone bad if it starts developing mould or mildew (usually from too much moisture). At this point, the weed becomes unsmokable due to its incredibly pungent smell–smoke at your peril!

How Long Can You Store a Rolled Joint?

For those who frequently smoke joints, they may want to dedicate an hour or two in order to have a stockpile. But how long do rolled joints stay fresh? Do they expire? The answer depends on your processes.

By employing the strategies listed below, you can preserve your joints for up to 12 months without drastic decline in quality. Even near the end of this time frame, you’ll still be able to taste terpenes and feel THC’s effects. However, if you leave them exposed to the elements, joint quality will start declining within weeks and continue getting worse over months.

How Many Hits Does It Take to Finish a Joint?

There are a few things that alter the amount of weed you use for one joint, such as the type of paper, how tightly packed it is, and your inhalation force and frequency. Some people like to take large lungfuls infrequently while others prefer several small breaths more often. The average joint size is approximately between 0.5 and 1 gram, which should be 20-40 draws from this blunt (depending on how much experience you have with other smokers.)

How to Prevent Partially Smoked Joints From Smelling Bad

Nobody wants their smoking area to reek, so what can you do to reduce the odour of partially smoked joints? Before you even roll a joint, the buds smell great. And when you’re smoking, the scent of smoke in the air is pleasant. But things start to stink when you have to put out a joint before finishing it. Now, in addition to your aromatic bud, your joints also contain tar and other byproducts that don’t exactly make for a delightful smell.

How to Save a Joint

Beyond following the storage tips detailed below, there are a few additional steps you can take to stop this stinky problem before it starts.

1. Roll Smaller Joints

Try this tip the next time you roll a joint: make it smaller so you can finish it in one sitting. If you often leave joints half-smoked, try decreasing the size of your rolls. For example, instead of smoking only part way through a 0.6–1 gram fatty, smoke an entire 0.3–0.4 gram joint . Not only will there be less of a smell later, but marijuana’s flavor and potency will also be more intense.”

2. Extinguish Properly

If you’re going to put out your joint, never smoosh or rub the cherry; instead, let it go out naturally. Then lightly tap away any remaining ash before storage. Also, never place a still-lit joint into any type of storage vessel because this will make the smell worse and could damage the container. If you need to extinguish your burning joint quickly, very lightly press the end against an ashtray or concrete until the smoke stops coming out–but don’t press down with force!

Tips on Keeping a Pre-Rolled Joint Fresh

If your joints have been dried and cured correctly, it’s unlikely that mould will ever grow on them. However, the quality, taste, and potency of cannabis does decline over time naturally. So, if you’re wanting to keep pre-rolls fresh or store a half-smoked joint before being able to smoke again, the solutions below will be useful for you.

To produce high-quality weed, you must keep the temperature and humidity stable at levels that are optimum for your plant. For buds that have already been cured, the ideal relative humidity is 58 to 62 percent, with a temperature range of 15 to 20°C. Also, avoid exposing your joints to direct light.

Best Joint Storage Methods

The following are methods for storing your unlit or half-smoked joint:


Not only do joint saverettes keep your cones fresh, but their hinged lids also prevent outside air from coming in and preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes. Their portability is perfect for taking your joints on the go, and they’ll protect them from being squashed, twisted, or torn.

Glass Mason jar

Glass mason jars are the best storage containers for cannabis buds. They also work great for joints if you can find tall enough jars (although smaller ones work perfectly for half-smoked cones). These types of jars often have a metal lever and rubber seal that makes them completely airtight. Just be sure to store them in a cool, dark place so the degradation process will take longer.

Bamboo tray

Bamboo trays are not only pretty but also great for storing your joints short to mid-term. While they don’t completely protect your joints from the air, they will keep them away from light exposure. This is a good option for partially smoked joints since it allows enough airflow to prevent the byproducts of combustion from making the joint smell stale. Plus, these tools have other functions too like doubling as a rolling surface.

Vacuum sealer

If you’re looking for a machine to store your joints long-term, these are the best options on the market. Not only do they keep air out, but they also remove all of the stagnant air from inside the packaging. Simply load your joints into the plastic vessel, hit the button on your device, and watch it do its job.

How to Save a Joint


Not only are humidors perfect for storing cigars, but they can also be used to store joints! By keeping the humidity levels at an ideal level, these devices help preserve the quality of your cannabis.

Cigar tubes

Used cigar tubes can preserve the freshness of joints and minimize their smell, making them perfect for taking half-smoked joints on the go.

Torpedo cone tubes

Torpedo cone tubes are like saverettes for those who want some color in their lives. They’re perfect for storing joints, either whole or only smoked partially. Keep them in a dark place, though, as light will damage most transparent products over time.

Pill bottle

You can save your joints from exposure to air and unwanted smells by storing them in empty pill bottles. Make sure you consume enough of the joint, so it will fit snugly inside the bottle.

Zip bag:

This cost-effective, temporary measure will save you money while maintaining your joints’ freshness for a little bit. For optimal results, try to exhaust as much air out of the bag before you seal it, and put it in a dark location.

How to Save a Joint For Later: Problem Solved

There you have it. No longer do you need to worry about your pre-rolls losing quality over time. Moreover, gone are the days spent worrying about odour trails forming behind your every step when carrying half-smoked joints. Whichever option you elect to utilise, you’ll rest easy knowing that your stash of joints won’t rapidly perish any time soon.

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